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Contract analysis and insight generation.
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DocAI by Zuva is an AI tool that analyzes contracts and provides insights into their content. It allows businesses to review their documents effortlessly without collecting any sensitive data like contracts, credit cards, or email addresses.

The tool is limited to PDF documents that are less than or equal to 150 pages and less than or equal to 5MB in size. Users can select what to review their document for, including lease terms, vendor/supplier contract terms, customer contracts, and employment agreement terms, among others.

By uploading a document, users agree to the tool's terms and conditions. DocAI also offers sample documents if users don't have their own documents to upload.

The site uses cookies to improve a user's website experience and provide personalized services. Overall, DocAI aims to help businesses gain better insights into their contracts, making it easier to summarize and analyze their document content.


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Pros and Cons


Contract analysis insights
Effortless document review
No sensitive data collection
Supports PDF documents
Maximum 150 page documents
5MB size limit
Can select review type
Offers sample documents
Website experience personalization
Provides business contract insights
Document summary and analysis
API and documentation reference
Visit for Free
Support for variety contracts


Limited to PDF documents
Max 150 pages per document
Max 5MB file size
Doesn't collect user data
Document analysis limited categories
Website uses cookies
Requires user agreement to terms
No mention of multi-language support
No mention of real-time analysis
Requires manual document upload


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In what way does DocAI help businesses analyze their contracts?
How can I sign up for a free trial of DocAI?
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Can I schedule a call with a Zuva expert about DocAI?
What is this 'Power Automate connector'? Does DocAI have this feature?
Does Zuva's DocAI have a user sign-in option?
In case of issues, is there a support resource available for DocAI users?
Is there an API reference available for developers who want to use DocAI?
Where can I learn more about the science behind Zuva's DocAI?
Does the Zuva website share any news about DocAI?
What are the pricing options available for Zuva's DocAI?
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