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Assisted legal contract negotiation.
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Latch is an AI-powered tool that aims to assist legal teams in negotiating and finalizing contracts with greater speed and efficiency. It uses Open AI's GPT-4 language model to analyze and understand agreements, offering suggestions on how to revise and update counterparty language based on a user's standard position.

The tool's interface enables users to toggle between suggestions, accept them, and generate redlines automatically that can be inserted directly into the document.

Latch also provides a question-and-answer feature to help users navigate through an agreement with granular questions and open-ended queries. Additionally, Latch can assemble simple, plain-language checklists for various situations, allowing users to analyze agreements to ensure compliance with their checklists.

Data privacy is a central focus for Latch, and the tool's privacy policy and terms of use are publicly available. Latch is suitable for dynamic companies, as it aims to help them minimize the time, effort, and overall cost of the contracting process.

The tool is cloud-based, and users can schedule a demo to explore its features further. In summary, Latch offers an innovative approach to contract drafting and negotiation, providing a comprehensive set of features that can streamline and expedite the legal team's workflow.


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Latch was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 21st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


GPT-4 language model usage
Contract negotiation assistance
Contextual suggestions for revision
Toggleable suggestion engine
Automated redlines generation
Directly insertable edits
Facilitates Q&A negotiation
Plain language checklists creation
Compliance analysis feature
Public access to data policy
Cloud-based tool
Demo availability
Efficiency in contract drafting
Workflow streamlining for legal teams
Minimizes contracting effort
Reduces contracting cost
Supports dynamic companies
Contract compliance verification
Data privacy focused
Agreement understanding and analysis


Dependent on GPT-4 only
May misinterpret legal language
Doesn't support offline usage
Possibly lacks real-time collaboration
No mobile application
Doesn't mention other languages support
No API provided
Requires scheduling for demo
Not suitable for non-dynamic companies
No free trial indicated


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How can Latch help ensure compliance with my checklists?
Can I directly insert automatic redlines into my document using Latch?
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