Project management 2023-10-20
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ByPhilipp Rudics
Guide to Project Management with an Excel Focus.
GPT welcome message: Hallo, bereit für Projektmanagement-Tipps?
Sample prompts:
Wie erstelle ich einen Projektplan in Excel?
Was sind die besten Excel-Vorlagen für Projektmanagement?
Wie kann ich Risiken in einem Projekt mit Excel bewerten?
Gibt es Tipps für effizientes Zeitmanagement in Projekten?
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Projektmanagement Expert GPT is an advanced tool designed to provide proficient guidance on project management with a specific focus on utilizing Excel effectively.

Centered on the convenience of ChatGPT, this intelligent agent endows users with the capacity to learn and utilize beneficial strategies and techniques critical to successful project management.Leveraging the ChatGPT platform, users get to interact conveniently with the AI.

From generating a project plan in Excel to harnessing Excel's capabilities to assess project risks, the GPT offers expert advice. It provides both answers and suggestions on the most impactful Excel templates crafted for project management.

It also delivers beneficial advice for better time management within projects, a critical skill often overlooked in project management.In essence, the Projektmanagement Expert GPT can be considered a highly interactive online tutor.

It provides a user-friendly setup where gaining knowledge about advanced techniques of project management, particularly around Excel, becomes intuitive and easy.

The tool, devised by Philipp Rudics, serves as a convenient repository of project management know-how, imparted via ChatGPT. The AI assistant's response and engagement is kick-started by purposeful prompts, guiding users through insightful tips and techniques.

Please note that it requires users to sign up for the ChatGPT Plus to fully take advantage of all its functionalities. The welcome message and prompts offer an engaging and user-friendly experience, ensuring a warm start to your project management mastery journey.

Projektmanagement Expert GPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 5th 2024.
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