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Redefine work with AI Project Management.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered Project Management and Collaboration Platform. It caters to the advancement in productivity dynamics by offering a unified workspace.

The platform merges tasks, job postings, and events into a single, streamlined system. Every feature in aims at transforming the way you manage your work.

Its most popular feature includes the unique template engine that offers the ability to design and manage custom templates for any project, job, or event, making it highly personalized and flexible.

A standout feature in the platform is CHATPM, an AI chat-based project manager that facilitates various project management tasks in a conversation mode.

It assists in task assignment, deadline updates, status monitoring, and conflict resolution. The AI can generate tasks based on project information, ensuring nothing is overlooked and contributing to successful project completion.

Furthermore, offers modular AI agents, allowing users to optimize and automate functionalities of their choice, transforming the workflow into a unique, tailored experience.

The platform contains various AI agents, including email, content, summary, legal, planning, and even coding agents, serving different purposes from drafting emails to designing project plans and generating scripts.

Additionally, provides users the ability to embed customized spaces and templates to suit any project needs. Thus, whether you're handling tasks, jobs or events, you have the flexibility and customization to meet your specific needs.

In summary, is more than a project management tool, it's a digital command center leveraging AI to redefine work management.

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Pros and Cons


Unified workspace
Merges tasks, job postings, events
Custom template design
Task assignment assistance
Deadline update facilitation
Status monitoring capability
Conflict resolution feature
Optimizable and automatable functionalities
Workflow personalization
Custom embeddable spaces
High level of customization
Suitable for any project
Personalized flexibility
Redefines work management
Eliminates overlooks in tasks
Streamlines project completion


No offline mode
Potentially complicated UI
No mention of multi-language support
Highly personalized customization may overwhelm
Limited details on pricing
No mention of cross-platform integration


What is
How does CHATPM work in
What is the unique template engine in
How do the AI agents in help with project management?
What are some examples of the modular AI agents in
Can I optimize the AI capabilities in to match my workflow?
Can I customize the settings in to suit my project needs?
What types of tasks can help with for my project?
How does handle job postings?
How can I use to organize events?
Does offer automation in its features?
Can assist in conflict resolution within my projects?
What functions does the email agent feature in offer?
Does provide a planning agent to assist in designing project plans?
What tasks can the legal agent in assist me with?
How does redefine work management?
How does contribute to productivity advancement?
How does ensure nothing is overlooked in project management?
How can assist in task assignment and status monitoring?
What is the role of the coding agent in

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