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Expert assistance in software development and ERP integration project management.
GPT welcome message: Bonjour, je suis votre coach en gestion de projet informatique. Comment puis-je vous aider aujourd'hui ?
Sample prompts:
Comment structurer mon support de comité de pilotage ?
Comment estimer la durée et le budget de mon projet ?
Quels sont les facteurs clés les plus importants de la réussite d'un projet ?
Que faire en cas de conflit entre l'équipe technique et le métier ?
Comment annoncer un retard de planning ?
Comment annoncer un dépassement de budget ?
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Project Coach Pro is a GPT developed by that offers expert assistance in software development and ERP integration project management.

This tool is specifically engineered to support project managers with reliable advice and guidance. Using advanced AI technology, it has been programmed to help with structuring support for steering committees, estimating project duration and budget, identifying key success factors of a project, managing conflicts between the technical team and the business side, addressing project schedule delays, and communicating budget overruns.

As a GPT powered by ChatGPT, users must sign up for ChatGPT Plus to use the Project Coach Pro tool. Being a project coaching AI, this tool is an ideal resource for project managers seeking automated, intelligent assistance in managing their projects effectively and efficiently.

The interactive interface facilitates an engaging user experience, encouraging productive conversations about project management, while its AI backing ensures users receive precise, reliable counsel for their queries and concerns.

Project Coach Pro was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 11th 2024.
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