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Unified Project Management & Campaign Calendaring
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Collab is a Unified Project Management & Campaign Calendaring tool designed primarily for marketing, sales, and business development teams. This platform streamlines collaboration by serving as the single source of truth for upcoming campaigns.

Collab features a centralized system for communication, feedback, and updates, fostering cross-functional teamwork to enhance campaign effectiveness. Users can plan and manage their marketing campaigns with the tool's intuitive calendar and task management features.

Collab also harnesses the power of OpenAI to generate to-do lists, quickly create blog outlines, and draft sales emails, thereby saving time and stimulating creativity.

The application allows users to organize tasks and documents flexibly, and can be customized to fit the team's working style. Besides, users can view and manage their campaigns and related tasks with just a click.

Collab offers both public and private options for workspace access to ensure safety and integrity. The platform provides a 'free forever' plan that caters to small teams, and another plan that supports larger teams with unlimited access.

Collab was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 25th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Unified project management
Campaign calendaring
Intuitive calendar
Task management features
Quick blog outline creation
Drafts sales emails
Flexible task organization
Workspace customization
Single click campaign management
Public and private workspace
Free plan available
Unlimited access plan
Aids cross-functional teamwork
Enhances campaign effectiveness
Streamlined collaboration
Fosters creativity
No contracts
No annual commitment
30-day free trial
Flexible folder structure
Customizable workflows
Specific team member access


No real-time collaboration
Lacks integrations
No mobile app
Limited to marketing teams
Overly simplistic
Limited customization options
Limited project tracking
No Gantt chart feature
Limited free plan


What is Collab?
What are the key features of Collab?
How does Collab utilize OpenAI?
Can I customize Collab to suit my team's working style?
What is the 'free forever' plan that Collab offers?
Can tasks and documents be organized flexibly using Collab?
What are the options for workspace access in Collab?
How can I use Collab for campaign calendaring?
Does Collab support real-time updates and feedback?
Can Collab help in drafting sales emails?
Is Collab useful for cross-functional teamwork?
What makes Collab a single source of truth for upcoming campaigns?
How is Collab designed to streamline collaboration in marketing, sales, and business development teams?
Is it possible to quickly create blog outlines with Collab?
How can I view and manage campaigns and related tasks using Collab?
Can I use Collab to generate to-do lists?
Is the Collab platform secure and does it keep my data private?
Can Collab be used for large teams with unlimited users?
How does Collab enhance the effectiveness of the campaigns?
What kind of plan does Collab offer for larger teams?

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