Productivity 2023-04-01
Automated workplace chatbot enhances productivity.
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Mano AI is a Google Chrome Plugin that provides access to ChatGPT within your workplace. It aims to streamline work processes and increase productivity by automating various tasks.

The plugin allows users to save time by using one-click actions to explain complex topics, summarize long articles, and ask questions about any text directly from Mano's popup.

Users can also automate tasks by utilizing expertly curated prompts called Agents, such as a Travel Guide or Prompt Generator. Mano enables users to bring in context quickly and easily by selecting text from their window, eliminating the need for tab switching, copying, or pasting.

Furthermore, Mano offers features designed to save time and boost productivity, such as the ability to reuse favorite prompts with bookmarks and opening Mano directly in the tab to maintain focus.

Users can also create their own Agents to assist with work-related tasks. Additionally, Mano offers pricing plans suitable for different budgets and needs, from a free plan with limited features to starter and ultimate plans with unlimited Chats, Questions, and Agents.

There is also a team pricing option with additional features like embedded Agents, team sharing, admin controls, and API deployments. Overall, Mano AI is a tool that leverages AI capabilities to automate tasks, streamline workflows, and enhance productivity within the workplace.

Mano was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 15th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Google Chrome Plugin
One-click actions
Summarizes long articles
Pre-built expert Agents
Custom Agents creation
Eliminates tab switching
Copy, paste from popup
Prompt Bookmarks reuse
Direct opening in tab
Accessible pricing packages
Team Pricing Model
Uses ChatGPT effectively
Brings in context easily
Reduces work related stress
Context sensitive assistance
Minimized cognitive dissonance
Improved productivity & efficiency
No need for refresh
Integrated chat environment
Shortcut key activation
Responsive 24/7 support
Email Responder Feature
Intuitive workflow management
Automated task delegation
Streamlined Work Processes
Automated Context Selection
User-friendly Interface
Sharing Agents in Team
Admin control on Team
IP Blocking Feature
Analytical Features for Team
Automated Reporting and Tracking
Fine-tuned Language Learning Models
Agent planning and deployment
Can automate various tasks
Encourages continuous work flow
Original Model Choice
Agents' productionalization
Tasks' Contextual Wrangling
Effective automation of tasks


Only available on Chrome
Paid plans required for more features
Limited tasks on free plan
Can only be used within Google Chrome
Locked behind subscription for advanced features
Limited customer support on free plan
Might need multiple refreshes during the installation
Limited to website interaction
Cannot predict required browser refreshes


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