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Automating hotel review responses effortlessly.
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Viff is an AI tool that assists hotels and property managers in generating courteous and contextual responses to guest reviews. It is offered as a Chrome extension that works with all websites and property/reputation management systems and can also be used with emails.

Viff learns a hotel’s tone and brand voice from the initial inputs in as little as 20 responses, allowing it to generate consistent and on-brand responses in a single click.

The tool’s proprietary AI model is trained to understand various aspects of a good guest experience, such as food, cleaning, and service. Viff’s responses are designed to be professional and courteous and never say anything a hotel would not want its staff to say.

The tool can handle even the nastiest of reviews. Responding to reviews improves online reputation, and Viff’s customers have experienced a 5x jump in booking volumes and a 67% improvement in TripAdvisor ranking after just six months of responding consistently to all reviews.

Viff offers a free trial that includes the first 20 responses and can understand and respond in more than 20 languages. Viff is easy to install and requires zero setup and integration work, making it accessible to anyone.


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Viff was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 6th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Chrome extension
Works with all websites
Integrated with various systems
Can be used in emails
Learns hotel’s tone and brand
Delivers consistent responses
Professionally generates replies
Boosts booking volumes
Improves TripAdvisor ranking
Offers free trial
Works with more than 20 languages
Zero setup and integration work
Handles nasty reviews
Aids in improving online reputation


Chrome extension only
Requires initial inputs
Limited to 20 languages
Requires paid subscription after 20 responses
No standalone application
May require occasional manual input
Dependent on maintained review volume
Potential inaccuracy with less common languages


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What kind of improvement in online reputation can I expect with Viff?
What are the benefits of using Viff in terms of booking volumes and TripAdvisor ranking?
Does Viff offer a free trial?
In how many languages can Viff understand and respond?
What does it take to install Viff?
Can Viff be integrated with any website or system?
Can Viff be used for responding to emails?
What kind of responses does Viff generate?
Is it easy and quick to generate responses with Viff?
Does Viff stick to the learned brand voice and tone after training?
How are Viff's responses designed?
Are Viff responses always professional and courteous?
What is the experience of Viff's existing customers?
What is the impact of using Viff on my bookings?
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