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Transforming screenshots into smart notes.
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Camp is a software tool designed for providing an intelligent solution for handling screenshots. The application offers a rethink on the conventional approach, aiming to bring more life and utility to screenshots, which usually have limited use after their initial creation.

Rather than treating screenshots as disposable, Camp aims to transform them into useful assets that can potentially have long-term value. The application allows users to capture, store, and manage screenshots in an effective and organized manner.

The primary aim is to enhance productivity and make data within screenshots easily accessible and searchable for future reference. Importantly, Camp is designed with a commitment to privacy, ensuring that the details contained within your screenshot data remain yours alone.

This tool is intended for those who frequently use screenshots for professional tasks, offering a way to structure this data more effectively. Available for download on the App Store, the creators of Camp have developed an innovative approach to a common task, with the aim of enhancing productivity and user experience.


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Camp was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 8th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Screenshot management
Transforms screenshots into notes
Enhances productivity
Data within screenshots searchable
Committed to user privacy
Specially for professional use
Organized data structure
Available on App Store
User-friendly experience
Innovative approach
Promotes smart notes
Treats screenshots as assets
Long-term value of screenshots
Privacy in data handling
Effective data capturing
User-comments available
5-star review available
Presence on Product Hunt
Download via QR Code


Only iOS compatible
No Android version
Limited to screenshots
No text-only notes
No web-based version
No collaboration features
No multi-user support
Lacks API for integrations


What is the purpose of Camp?
How does Camp enhance productivity?
What specific tasks is Camp intended for?
How does Camp manage screenshot data?
Is the Camp application available on platforms other than the App Store?
What does it mean when it says Camp transforms screenshots into 'smart notes'?
How does the Camp application ensure user privacy?
In what ways does Camp bring more utility to screenshots?
What is the user experience like when using the Camp app?
How does Camp turn screenshots into long-term valued assets?
Are there any limitations to the types of screenshots that Camp can manage?
What makes Camp a 'intelligent solution' for handling screenshots?
What is the data search function in Camp like?
Can I use Camp for non-professional tasks?
How does the 'data organization' function work in Camp?
Does Camp offer any other features besides screenshot management?
What is meant by Camp's 'innovative approach' to managing screenshots?
Can I share my data/screenshot from Camp to other platforms?
Are my screenshots stored locally or in the cloud with Camp?
How customizable is the Camp tool for individual user needs?

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