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Ultimate macOS AI tool for performing tasks on anything on your screen.
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Introducing ScreenSnapAI, the ultimate AI tool for performing AI magic on any content on your screen.

ScreenSnapAI allows you to select anything onscreen and rapidly perform AI tasks such as summarizing, translating, replying to an email or any other task you can think of.

This game changing new app will save you a ton of time and allow you take advantage of the latest in AI technology to save time and improve your workflow.

But that's not all – ScreenSnapAI intelligently labels and categorizes your screenshots, giving you the ability to swiftly search and filter them using Smart Folders.

ScreenSnapAI transforms your screenshots into an organized, searchable library, and enables you to get straight to the screenshot you're looking for.

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ScreenSnapAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 8th 2024.

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Pros and Cons


Effortless screenshot capture
GPT-4 based organization
Smart names and descriptions
Automated keywording
Streamlined file management
Smart Folders feature
Automated screenshot filtering
Fast full-text search
Quick screenshot organization
Free base app
Pro version available
Captures screenshots beyond app
Import images functionality
Available on Mac App Store
Future non-App Store availability
Workflow efficiency improvement
Supports macOS 13 or later
Ability to handle volume
Limited Smart Folders in free version
Unlimited Smart Folders in Pro version
Can import images in Pro version
Promises upcoming features


Limited to macOS
In-app purchases needed
Pro version costly
Limited Smart Folders (free version)
Screenshot captures limited (free version)
Primarily available on App Store
Limited External image import functionality


What is ScreenSnapAIAI?
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Can I purchase additional AI processing credits separately in ScreenSnapAIAI?
How can I import images from other sources using ScreenSnapAIAI?
Is ScreenSnapAIAI only available on the Mac App Store?
What is the 'full-text search' feature of ScreenSnapAIAI?
How does ScreenSnapAIAI improve workflow efficiency?
What features are included in the pro version of ScreenSnapAIAI?
What benefits do I get from using AI processing credits in ScreenSnapAIAI?
Can ScreenSnapAIAI create automated tags for my screenshots?
Is there a limit to the number of Smart Folders I can add in ScreenSnapAIAI?
What operating system does ScreenSnapAIAI require?
What is the cost of ScreenSnapAIAI's pro version?
Will ScreenSnapAIAI be available on platforms other than macOS?
Can I upgrade my free version of ScreenSnapAIAI to pro version within the app?
How much do additional AI processing credits cost in ScreenSnapAIAI?


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