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Navigate your inbox, don't drown in it.
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FindThatEmail is an AI-powered extension designed to optimize email navigation and organization. Instead of manually scrolling through your inbox, FindThatEmail sorts and locates your emails effortlessly, enhancing the user's productivity and time management.

Moreover, it offers several specific use cases to cater to different needs. One example is effortless retrieval, which allows users to use natural language to ask for specific emails such as receipts, itineraries, or tickets, which the AI assistant then fetches instantly.

Another feature of FindThatEmail is seamless travel planning. Users can simply provide a command such as 'Check for flight check-in instructions,' and the tool will return with all the necessary details.

Furthermore, for users requiring business-related information, the 'Instant Presentation Access' feature allows commands like 'Retrieve slides from David for presentation,' with the AI assistant instantly retrieving the requested data.

The tool is available as an extension for the Chrome browser. Questions regarding compatibility with various email providers, security measures, and usage cost can be directed to their support team.


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FindThatEmail was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 19th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Optimizes email navigation
Enhances productivity
Improves time management
Effortless email retrieval
Natural language email requests
Seamless travel planning
Instant presentation access
Business communication optimization
Chrome extension compatibility
Customizable use cases
Cuts down inbox clutter
Fetches emails instantly
Compatible with various email providers
Support team availability
Navigates inbox efficiently
Automates email sorting
Prioritizes important emails
Aids in email organization
Tackles email overload
Converts commands to actions
Eliminates manual email searching
Streamlines business communcations
Command-based email retrieval
Eases information retrieval
Simplifies travel-check ins
Fetches all necessary details
Effective for professional use
Brings relevant data instantly
Lowers email navigation stress
Promotes command usage
Reduces email search time
Fosters efficient itinerary management
Enables quick information access
Resolves mail queries effortlessly
Quick installation process
Eliminates need for scrolling
Broadens email search scope
Haste-free email locate
Saves time in communication
Improves email management
Swift retrieval of files
Email provider flexibility
Supports important data retrieval
Assists in ticket hunting
Manages receipts effectively
Creates effortless travel plans
Boosts email-related productivity


Only available on Chrome
Unclear security measures
No stated compatibility
Potential privacy issues
Cost not specified
No mobile app
Limited use-cases
Single-language interface
No offline mode
Reliance on natural language input


What is FindThatEmail?
How does FindThatEmail improve my email navigation?
Is FindThatEmail compatible with all email clients?
Does FindThatEmail work with all email providers?
What are some primary use cases of FindThatEmail?
How does FindThatEmail enhance my productivity?
What is effortless retrieval on FindThatEmail?
How can I use FindThatEmail for travel planning?
What's the 'Instant Presentation Access' feature on FindThatEmail?
How does FindThatEmail use natural language processing?
How can I install FindThatEmail?
Is FindThatEmail available for browsers other than Chrome?
How secure is my data with FindThatEmail?
How does FindThatEmail handle email sorting?
What type of commands can I give to FindThatEmail?
Does FindThatEmail support multiple languages?
How does FindThatEmail improve time management?
Can FindThatEmail find specific emails like tickets and itineraries?
What is the cost of using FindThatEmail?
How can I contact FindThatEmail support team?

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