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Text-to-events transformation.
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Agenda Hero is an AI-powered tool that transforms unstructured text into a calendar entry that can be sent to yourself. With a simple copy-and-paste or manual input of details, users can easily convert text into a structured calendar event. The tool automatically converts the text into a date and time format, and also identifies the location, placing it in the appropriate field.

Users can modify the resulting calendar entry if necessary, ensuring flexibility and customization.By using Agenda Hero, users can streamline the process of creating calendar events, saving time and effort. The tool aims to simplify the task of organizing schedules and appointments by harnessing the power of AI.

Additionally, Agenda Hero provides the option to send the resulting calendar invite directly to oneself, facilitating easy integration into personal calendars.It should be noted that by utilizing the tool, users agree to the terms and conditions and privacy statement set forth by Agenda Hero.

The tool is powered by Agenda Hero, a platform dedicated to enhancing productivity and efficiency by leveraging AI technology.Overall, Agenda Hero offers a practical and time-saving solution for converting unstructured text into a formatted calendar entry. With its user-friendly interface and automated features, this tool provides convenience and organization to users' scheduling tasks.

Agenda Hero has released a Chrome Extension: Agenda Hero for Chrome. This lets you select text from anywhere on the web and convert it to a calendar-ready event in one click. You can also open the extension and type or paste calendar event information directly to the prompt box to convert to a calendar event.

We're on a mission to save people time (and clicks!), helping you spend less time working on your schedule and more time enjoying it.

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