Meeting scheduling 2023-04-01
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Personalized virtual assistant for calendar management.
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Tricuss is a tool that provides personalized GPT AI assistants to help users capture events from messages and automatically add them to their calendar.

With Tricuss, users no longer need to memorize or manually check meeting information from various chat rooms. Instead, they can send messages directly to Tricuss, and the AI assistant will read and extract the event details.

Users simply need to confirm the extracted information, and the events will be seamlessly added to their personal calendar.Tricuss aims to let AI be true work partners by learning users' workflows, knowledge, and habits.

It allows users to utilize familiar tools directly, making their work more efficient and productive. The tool supports integration with popular platforms like WhatsApp and Google Calendar, enabling the capture of events from messages and their direct addition to users' personal calendars.Tricuss offers different pricing plans, including a free option with limited monthly chat and automations, as well as paid plans with advanced AI models, unlimited chat and automations with AI assistants, and access to new features.

The platform also offers enterprise-level plans with custom workflows, API access, superior customer support, and premium support.The vision behind Tricuss is to create a seamless and natural collaboration between human beings and AI partners, eliminating unproductive tasks and allowing people to focus on valuable work.

Through the use of Tricuss, the platform aims to revolutionize the way white-collar workers spend their time and contribute to a vision of a more efficient and enjoyable work environment.


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