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Enhanced business productivity assistant.
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Zia is an AI assistant for businesses developed by Zoho. It is designed to enhance productivity by knowing every aspect of a business and offering smart recommendations to improve efficiency.

Zia is a multifaceted AI tool that can assist in various areas of a business, including sales, marketing, customer service, finance, people and culture, email and office, project management, collaboration, custom solutions, BI and analytics, IT, and legal.

Zia's capabilities are showcased in action on the Zoho website. Zia is the only AI assistant that fully understands all aspects of a business. Zoho also features other products and solutions that cater to small businesses such as CRM, marketing, sales, event management, finance, HR, collaboration, and custom apps.

Additionally, Zoho has a vast marketplace that provides extensions, custom apps, and industry solutions to integrate with third-party applications.Overall, Zia is designed to be a comprehensive AI tool that can assist businesses in various aspects, enhancing productivity, and efficiency.

With Zoho's vast experience in developing business solutions, Zia is expected to be a reliable and efficient tool for businesses in need of an AI assistant.


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Zia was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 21st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Enhanced business productivity
Knows all business aspects
Smart efficiency recommendations
Multifaceted tool
Assists in sales, marketing, service
Helps with finance, HR
Assists in project management
Provides collaboration solutions
Offers custom solutions
Assists in IT, legal areas
Can be integrated with third-party applications
Understands business fully
Broad aspect understanding
Helps with email & office
Beneficial for variety of businesses
Improvement recommendations
Helps improve efficiency
Increase sales productivity
Identify sales patterns
Recommend cross-sell products
Predict repeat purchase time
Detect client communication pattern
Suggest best contact times
Automates routine processes
Scrape and parse internet data
Recommend additional products
Intelligent ticket routing
Helps organize notes
Chat support
Response recommendations
Shopping recommendations
Document generation using voice
Translates 16 different languages
Provides search functionality
Gives grammar suggestions
Analyzes selling patterns
Auto report generator
Automated business searches
Prioritizes high-value deals
Anomaly detection
Suggests data visuals
E-commerce support
Multi-language support
Integrates with Zoho products


Lacks offline capability
Possible integration challenges
Complicated for new users
Limited customization options
Requires Zoho ecosystem
Limited third-party apps
Lack of detailed tutorials
Needs more languages support
Limited scalability
High learning curve


What is Zia by Zoho?
How can Zia assist in improving my business productivity?
What kind of recommendations does Zia provide?
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Does Zia support areas like marketing, customer service and finance?
Can Zia enhance project management and legal aspects of business?
Is Zia a suitable AI assistant for small businesses?
Does Zia integrate with third-party applications?
How efficient is Zia in handling sales aspects of business?
Can Zia generate reports automatically?
Does Zia have the ability to predict trends and patterns?
Can it translate chats, emails, and other messages?
How does Zia assist in managing support tickets?
Can Zia automate processes in my business?
How does Zia perform in the case of eCommerce?
Does Zia support translation features?
Does Zia help in identifying anomalies in business data?
Can Zia assist in responding faster to customer queries?
Does Zia have the ability to build AI-powered predictions?
Does Zia operate in different languages?

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