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Team sales outreach and personalization.
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Opnbx.AI is an AI-based sales tool that helps sales teams personalize their messages and reach out to more prospects in less time. With Opnbx.AI, users can generate custom, personalized messages in under 30 seconds, eliminating the need to spend time scouring LinkedIn profiles for inspiration.

The tool searches a LinkedIn profile for key areas that can be used to write powerful messages and highlights the best content uncovered to generate personalized messages.

Users can further edit the messages, quickly copy them, and send them on any platform. Opnbx.AI offers transparent pricing with no hidden fees, and users can pause or cancel at any time.

The tool is available in different pricing tiers depending on the number of personalized searches required, the number of team members invited, and the level of support needed.

With Opnbx.AI, users can personalize their messages and reach out to more prospects, increasing their chances of booking more meetings and closing more sales.

The tool has received positive reviews from sales professionals who appreciate the time savings and the ability to personalize messages without struggling with writer's block.

Opnbx.AI's website contains a community section where users can join a group of sales reps and leaders who are scaling their outbound with personalization.

The tool is designed to be easy to use and is built by sales reps for sales reps.


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Jul 11, 2023
the tool is awesome

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Pros and Cons


Generates personalized messages quickly
Automatically researches LinkedIn profiles
Highlights key content
Transparent pricing
Pause or cancel anytime
Different pricing tiers
Community section for users
Easy to use
Built by sales reps
Saves time on message creation
Increases prospect reach
No credit card required
Eliminates writer's block
Discover unique insights
Configurable messages
Increases bookings and sales
Positive user reviews
Scalable for businesses
Send messages from anywhere
Free trial available
Change plan at any time
Add sales team feature
Rollover credits
Potential for unlimited credits
Simple cancellation policy
Onboarding for new users


Limited to LinkedIn profiles
No integration with CRM
No mobile version
Limited free trial
Dependency on LinkedIn's data
No multi-language support
No offline capability
Can't import lists for bulk processing
No mentioned analytics or tracking


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What is Opnbx.AI's pricing structure?
What does 'transparent pricing' mean when referring to Opnbx.AI?
Can I pause or cancel my Opnbx.AI subscription at any time?
What are the different pricing tiers of Opnbx.AI?
What is the community section on the Opnbx.AI website?
What does 'built by sales reps for sales reps' mean in the context of Opnbx.AI?
What level of support does Opnbx.AI offer?
What user reviews has Opnbx.AI received?
What are some of the major benefits of using Opnbx.AI?
What is the process to get started with Opnbx.AI?
How does Opnbx.AI assist in scaling outbound sales with personalization?
Does Opnbx.AI offer a free trial?
What are the terms and conditions for using Opnbx.AI?


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