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Generated marketing content for sales.
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Daiviq is an AI-driven marketing tool that generates content for marketing and sales purposes. It creates marketing and sales content that acquires customers, with the capability to generate up to 500 words and 10 images for free.

Additionally, it allows users to connect multiple platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to share content. One of the core features of Daiviq is its AI generated text, which generates as much needed text content by simply elaborating on the brand.

The generated branding content can be edited and refined as per the user’s needs. It also offers an image generation feature that allows users to edit and generate images as per their content generation requirements.

The platform supports seamless automation to enhance marketing campaigns and has a team-management feature that ensures effortless management and organization of team members.Daiviq also offers generative AI assistance for generating blogs and documentation for projects.

Users can take advantage of its cutting-edge technology for free by generating up to 500 words and 10 images using AI after creating a free account with the platform.

For more features and unlimited usage, users can upgrade to a paid plan.Overall, Daiviq is a one-stop solution for content generation requirements, aiming to make marketing and sales communication more productive with its powerful AI-driven features.


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