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Automate your sales, generate more leads, and close deals faster
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SendBuzz is a sales engagement and automation platform designed to facilitate cold outreach, lead generation, and sales process acceleration. It offers multi-channel outreach capabilities encompassing email, SMS, LinkedIn, and other platforms, supporting seamless transitions between them.

The platform also provides an advanced lead finder tool, workflow automation, as well as CRM integration. Users can leverage data analytics and automated triggers for in-depth insights and action based on prospect engagement levels.

Features include email automation, inbox rotation, domain tracking, A/B testing, and an AI-powered writing aid. The platform allows for the use of multiple sender accounts in outreach campaigns, providing the potential for increased sending capacity, productivity, and email deliverability.

The platform is optimized for a range of industries and business sizes - from small businesses and startups to agencies and enterprises. Additionally, SendBuzz offers native integrations with various CRM platforms, including Hubspot, Zoho, Salesforce, and Zapier, to synchronize data efficiently.


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Pros and Cons


Multi-channel outreach capabilities
Seamless transitions between platforms
Advanced lead finder tool
Workflow automation
CRM integration
Data analytics
Automated triggers
Email automation
Inbox rotation
Domain tracking
A/B testing
Use of multiple sender accounts
Increased sending capacity
Productivity boost
Enhanced email deliverability
Optimized for various industries
Suitable for various business sizes
Native integrations with CRM platforms
Hubspot integration
Zoho integration
Salesforce integration
Zapier integration
Sales Reporting Tool
Provision for Calls and Tasks
CRM Acceleration features
Lead Scoring option
Spintax features
Contact import via CSV, Google Sheets, Webhook, or Lead Finder
Unified Inbox
Scalable Outreach with Multiple Connected Accounts
Increased Email Sending Capacity
Inbox Rotation Mechanism
Targeted Audience Segmentation
Avoidance of Sending Limits
Higher Inbox Placement Rates
Analytics for Decision Making
Campaign Optimization
Insights for Better Planning
Automate CRM Integrations
Improved Data Accuracy
Enhanced Prospects Insights
Seamless Workflow Automation
Infinite Email Variations
Reply Sentiment Analysis (coming soon)
Personalized Landing Pages
Team Workspaces / Agency Dashboard


Doesn't support non-CRM integrations
Limited A/B testing capabilities
No social media automation
Requires multiple sender accounts
Spintax feature may risk spam
Limited task automation
Broad focus, not specialized
Lack of predictive analytics
No explicit customer retention focus


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Does SendBuzz offer native integrations with CRM platforms?
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