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ByYoutian Duan
Your go to car sales AI for all needs.
GPT welcome message: Welcome! Let's find your perfect car with detailed specs and prices. Ready?
Sample prompts:
I need a daily commute under $30k, any suggestions?
What are the specs and price for the base model Civic?
What's a good beginner HPDE car?
I want to go drifting with a budge of $6000. What should I buy?
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GoCarShopping is a specialized GPT, designed to assist users in exploring their car shopping options and making confident, informed decisions. It acts as a digital car sales advisor that is capable of providing a variety of services based on the user's stated needs and budget.

The GPT is built on top of OpenAI's ChatGPT, meaning it communicates with users through natural language exchanges, drawing on a wide-ranging knowledge of car specifications, prices, brands, and models.

Users communicate their needs by initiating prompts, to which GoCarShopping responds with highly tailored suggestions. For example, a user might specify a budget for a daily commute vehicle or in search of a beginner High Performance Driver Education (HPDE) car.

Alternatively, they might request detailed specs and price for a specific car model. Each time, GoCarShopping is there to offer targeted, tailored information and suggestions.

While the GPT is beneficial to all types of car shoppers, it's particularly effective for those with distinct parameters in place, such as a price limit, specific vehicle need, or defined model preference.

It streamlines the car exploration process by limiting suggestions to options that align with the users specific parameters, effectively cutting through the noise of the vast car market.Beyond its practical applications, GoCarShopping represents a vision for the future of shopping experiences one in which AI-powered tools play a dominant role in guiding customers through purchasing decisions.


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