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Your 24/7 AI Car Buying Assistant, Personalized to Your Needs
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AutoEasy is a forward-thinking tool aiming to reshape car shopping through the leveraging of artificial intelligence. It serves as a comprehensive platform, catering to users car shopping needs, from discovery to comparison, and finally, to obtaining a quote on their ideal vehicle.

The platform harnesses AI in order to streamline this process, aiming to make it more user-friendly and efficient. AutoEasy's tech-enabled capabilities allow users to thoroughly review and make informed decisions on a wide range of vehicles.

Furthermore, its AI compares across different parameters to match users with their 'dream car' based on their unique preferences and requirements, thereby personalizing the shopping experience.

Additionally, by leveraging AI, the tool is able to deliver precise quotes for vehicles, taking into account a variety of factors, to enable more informed buying decisions.

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Jul 21, 2023
Actually found a pretty good deal. Seems like it uses a separate db and uses GPT4 for the convo.

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Pros and Cons


Personalized car recommendations
24/7 chatbot assistance
Negotiation support feature
Consolidated car reviews
Expansive car inventory
Real-time cost breakdown
Instant updates and alerts
Tailored car listings
Nationwide car access
Quality assurance on cars
Regular inventory update
Free during beta phase
Real-time negotiation advice
User data security
Access to both new and used cars
Includes eco-friendly car options
Unmatched variety in car inventory
Transparency on costs and fees
Head-to-head car comparisons
Value assessment for cars
Seller notes and Carfax reports
Preference-based recommendation system
Seamless car shopping experience
Advancements in car search technology
Real-time deal alerts
Confidence builder for car negotiation
Interface geared towards learning
Comprehensive car information provided
Personal guidance through car buying
SMS-based interaction
Ideal for any budget
Deal analysis and comparison
Flexible browsing and research
Time-saving tool
Carrier for limitless choices
Acts as personal car buying assistant


SMS-based only
Potentially overwhelming inventory
Beta version
Lacks direct purchase option
Dependent on partner inventory
Future pricing uncertainty
Limited negotiation assistance
No real-life inspection
Unpredictable update frequency
Requires valid phone number


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