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Customized vehicle platform for car lovers.
Generated by ChatGPT is a web-based platform that allows car enthusiasts to revamp the style of their vehicle with the power of AI. Users can upload a clear image of their car and choose from a range of tuning styles, including Hotrod, JDM, Offroad, and more.

The AI-powered technology analyzes the uploaded image and generates multiple design options, including body kits, rims, paint jobs, and more. Users can easily visualize and compare different customization options to find the perfect style for their car. offers three plans with differing levels of credits, AI-generated images, styles, and support turnaround time. Users can also purchase additional credits at any time.

The platform supports a variety of car makes and models, and users can fine-tune their selected tuning style option to match their specific preferences. also allows users to view, download, and share their generated images on social media, tag the platform, and get a chance to win exciting prizes every month.

The platform is particularly useful for car enthusiasts who want to customize their vehicles, as it provides personalized and unique looks without requiring a lot of time or experience.

The AI-powered technology reduces the time spent on trial and error and ensures that every option is unique, providing users with a never-ending supply of fresh ideas. is user-friendly, flexible, and offers affordable credit packages that give users access to more credits at a discounted price.


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Pros and Cons


Multiple design options
Supports various car models
Affordable credit packages
Can purchase extra credits
Unique customization per vehicle
Comparative visualization
Image download and share
Social media competitions
Rapid turnaround time
Three different plan levels
Unlimited customization options
User-friendly interface
Reduces trial and error
Works with popular styles
Personalized vehicle looks
Fine-tune design adjustments
Flexible payment options
Single image upload
Supports different vehicle types
Multiple designs per click
Wide range of styles
Unique style generation
Brand collaboration opportunities
Custom trained model for professionals
Discounts on credit packages
Different support turnaround times
Priority feature request for professionals
StyleMyRide tags for social media
Exciting monthly prizes
Styling preview before actual tuning
Transforms car appearance easily
Automated design generation
Can match purchased styles
Clear workflow process


Limited styles on Lite Mod
48 hour support turnaround
No free trial
Requires high quality car images
Limited designs per click
No monthly subscription on Professional
Limited to car customization
No API for integration
Supports limited car makes/models
Can't save designs on platform


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