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Polymath Robotics Autonomous Navigation Modules

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Magically simplified autonomy for off-highway vehicles.
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Polymath Robotics provides a solution for the efficient automation of off-highway industrial vehicles. These autonomous navigation modules are targeted towards a wide variety of heavy machinery including agricultural vehicles, mining equipment, ground support equipment, yard trucks, forestry equipment, and earth moving equipment.

The system is designed to be vehicle-agnostic and sensor-compatible, meaning that it can be integrated into any industrial vehicles existing hardware and adapted to suit a variety of specific operational needs.

This makes Polymath's system broadly applicable across many industries. Commandable via API, Polymath allows easy integration with your preferred coding language, simplifying the development process for induced autonomy.

Their solution claims to have a mature vehicle dynamics model and low network bandwidth overhead, which adds to its operational efficiency. Polymath's solution incorporates built-in safety features, promising safer autonomous operations for industrial vehicles.

The autonomous navigation modules are also designed to be compute-agnostic and can integrate with software via its API. In addition to these features, Polymath Robotics provides a service to help automate existing vehicle fleets.


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Pros and Cons


Simplifies industrial vehicle autonomy
Vehicle-agnostic platform
Sensor-compatible system
Off-road environment suitability
API control integration
Execution in preferred coding language
Quick automation implementation
Offers done-for-you options
Straightforward monthly pricing
Wide applicability across sectors
Compute-agnostic modules
Incorporates safety features
Assistance in automating fleets
Applications in heavy machinery
Efficiently handles basic autonomy
Integrates with existing hardware
Low network bandwidth overhead
Mature vehicle dynamics model
Ease of installation
Designed for large vehicles
Adaptability to operational needs


Limited to off-road vehicles
Lacks indoor operation capability
Doesn't support small vehicles
Unsuitable for high-speed vehicles
Could have complex API
Unspecified safety features
Service-dependent for fleet automation
No specified customer support
Lacks real-time tracking feature
Needs low network bandwidth


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What are the done-for-you options offered by Polymath Robotics?
Who makes up the Polymath Robotics team?
What makes Polymath Robotics' system broadly applicable across industries?
How does the Polymath Robotics platform ensure safety during autonomous operations?
Can Polymath integrate with software via its API?
What kind of support does Polymath Robotics offer for fleet automation?
What coding languages does Polymath Robotics support?
What types of equipment can I automate with Polymath Robotics?
What is the vehicle dynamics model used by Polymath Robotics?
What is the network bandwidth overhead for Polymath Robotics?
Does Polymath Robotics service include compute-agnostic modules?

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