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Automated purchase order processing for businesses.
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Workist is an AI-powered tool aimed at automating the processing of incoming purchase orders, reducing the need for manual data entry. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to translate B2B transactions, enabling seamless integration and automated information exchange between business customers, distributors, and suppliers.

Workist has an unparalleled document understanding, built on the learning experience of over one million successfully processed documents. As a result, it provides previously unattainable automation rates, massively reducing the cost and time required to enter jobs.

It is an end-to-end solution that can be connected to all common ERP systems thanks to state-of-the-art EDI technology.The tool has several benefits, including saving time, reducing costs, optimizing processes, increasing output quality, minimizing error rates, and freeing up capacity for customer service.

It has a high degree of automation, improving the order entry process, and enhancing the input entry quality. Workist is flexible, easy to use, and has lightning-fast integration into existing processes.

It accepts a variety of document formats, including PDFs, excel files, and plain-text emails, and validates information from the document with master data to guarantee accurate extraction.

The data output is easily transferable to any ERP or CRM system through standard connections like EDI or API.Workist is a Berlin-based tech startup focused on enabling businesses to gain more time and resources to channel those to creative and purposeful work.

Its diverse and experienced team is eager to solve challenging problems and build long term relationships with people and businesses of all kinds.

Workist was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 8th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automates processing of orders
Reduces manual data entry
Translates B2B transactions
Integrated information exchange
Seamless integration with ERP systems
High automation rates
Reduces costs
Saves time
Improves output quality
Minimizes error rates
Increased customer service capacity
Accepts multiple document formats
Validates document info with master data
Meteor data-output transfer to any ERP/CRM
Lightning fast system integration
Built on one million processed docs
Improves order entry process
Enhances input entry quality
State-of-the-art EDI tech
Optimizes business processes
Unparalleled document understanding
Experienced support team
Positive ROI from day one
Minimized transmission errors
Business scaling aid
Berlin-based tech startup
Provides time for creative work
Processes pdfs, excel files, plain-text emails
Guaranteed accurate extraction
Handles incorrect orders
Improves employee satisfaction
Expanding consulting services
100% extraction rate for document data
Saves 4 hours per order


No multi-language support
Limited document format compatibility
No specific security measures
Lack of transparent pricing
No mobile application
Potential inaccuracy in data extraction
Limited ERP/CRM integration options
No offline capabilities
Absence of user customization options
Aimed only at B2B transactions


What is Workist?
How does Workist use AI and machine learning to automate invoice processing?
What types of documents can Workist process?
How does Workist ensure the accuracy of data extraction from documents?
What benefits does Workist offer to businesses?
How can Workist be integrated into existing business processes?
Can Workist connect to any ERP or CRM system?
What makes Workist's document understanding unparalleled?
What are some real-life success stories involving the use of Workist?
How does Workist contribute to optimizing business processes?
How does Workist verify and validate extracted information from documents?
Is Workist easy to use and flexible?
How quickly can Workist be integrated into existing business systems?
Does Workist support multiple document formats like PDFs, Excel files, and plain-text emails?
Where is Workist based?
How does Workist help in reducing error rates in data entry?
How does Workist contribute toward time and cost savings?
How is Workist improving the order entry process?
How does Workist contribute to increasing output quality?
How can I schedule a demo with Workist?


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