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Extracted invoice data exported to CSV with ease.
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DocumentPro is a cloud-native document processing tool that uses AI technology to extract invoices from images and PDFs and export them to CSV. The tool allows for the effortless extraction of invoice information such as party details, payment terms, and item information, using image and PDF files.

It is faster and more accurate compared to traditional OCR and manual data-entry methods. Users can upload PDFs, PNGs, or JPGs of invoices, and the tool will accurately extract the relevant information.

The tool is designed for small and medium businesses in various industries, such as business services, logistics and transportation, and retail. DocumentPro has a drag and drop interface that is easy to use for uploading invoices.

It also provides an upload guide and sample invoices to help users meet the upload requirements accurately. As soon as the files are uploaded, the tool can process multiple invoices in one go, and the extracted data is exported into a CSV file.

Overall, DocumentPro is a valuable tool for businesses that need to extract invoice data without wasting time or risking inaccuracies. With AI technology, the tool ensures faster and more accurate invoice extraction while helping businesses maintain efficiency in their operations.

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Pros and Cons


Cloud-native tool
Effortlessly extracts invoice data
Exports data to CSV
Accurately processes PDFs, PNGs, JPGs
Drag and drop interface
Sample invoices provided
Multi-invoice processing
Faster than traditional OCR
More accurate than manual data-entry
Suitable for small and medium businesses
Broad industry compatibility
Handles any invoice layout
Available guidance for use
Supports user inquiries
Maintains operational efficiency
Better risk management
Immediate data extraction post-upload
Secure platform


No API integration
Limited file format support
No multi-language support
Cloud-only, no on-premise version
Tailored more towards SMBs
No live chat support
Limited upload capacity
No OCR functionality
No adjustable extraction settings
No real-time processing


What does DocumentPro do?
How does DocumentPro use AI technology?
Is DocumentPro more accurate than traditional OCR?
What file formats does DocumentPro support?
Who is DocumentPro designed for?
How does DocumentPro's drag and drop interface work?
Can DocumentPro process multiple invoices at once?
How is the invoice data from DocumentPro exported?
What kinds of information can DocumentPro extract from invoices?
What is the advantage of using DocumentPro over manual data-entry?
Are there any guides or samples provided by DocumentPro for uploading invoices?
What industries can benefit from using DocumentPro?
How quickly does DocumentPro process uploaded invoices?
How can I ensure that my files meet the upload requirements for DocumentPro?
Does DocumentPro handle different invoice layouts?
Can DocumentPro process invoices in non-English languages?
What are the contact options if I have questions about using DocumentPro?
Are there any terms and conditions associated with using DocumentPro?
Does DocumentPro have a privacy policy?
What are the limitations on the number of files that can be uploaded to DocumentPro?

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