Invoice processing 2023-11-13
AI-powered invoicing made effortless.
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Billy is an AI-powered invoicing tool developed by Ambition Software Inc. It is an effortless solution for creating and managing invoices, targeted towards individuals and small businesses.

Billy aims to reduce the labor intensive process of drafting invoices, making the billing mechanism smooth and efficient. The tool allows for flexible payment collection and supports not only major credit cards but also mobile direct-pay services including Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Integrated with Stripe, it eases the process of accepting payments. It offers real-time tracking of invoices, so users can monitor interactions and be clear on when customers view or engage with their invoices.

Further, Billy automates the delivery of invoices - it creates emails and PDFs which can then be sent with a single click, simplifying the overall invoicing process.

Ensuring user's data privacy is a core value of the company, your data is never sold and you have the freedom to discontinue the service anytime. Billy is a cost-effective and user-friendly tool for straightforward and streamlined invoicing.


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Billy was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 13th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Effortless invoicing creation
Invoicing management
Small business tailored
Flexible payment collection
Major credit cards support
Mobile direct-pay support
Apple Pay integration
Google Pay integration
Stripe integration
Real-time invoice tracking
Invoicing automation
Email and PDF creation
One-click invoice sending
Data privacy assurance
Service discontinuation freedom
No additional Stripe fees
Unlimited invoices
Unlimited PDFs
Unlimited emails
Real-time customer interaction tracking


Limited to small businesses
Dependant on Stripe integration
Lack of multi-platform access
No offline capability
Unclear data backup policies
Limited payment methods
Inflexible invoice customization
No enterprise-grade features
Lack of user community
No evident scalability options


What is Billy?
Who developed Billy?
What are the main features of Billy?
Who is Billy primarily aimed at?
How does Billy help with the invoicing process?
What payment methods does Billy support?
Is Billy integrated with any payment systems?
Does Billy provide real-time tracking of invoices?
How does Billy automate the delivery of invoices?
How does Billy ensure data privacy?
Can I discontinue the service anytime I want?
Does Billy sell my data?
How much does Billy cost?
What does the price for Billy cover?
Can I use Billy to accept payments from mobile direct-pay services?
Can Billy notify me when customers view or engage with my invoices?
How does Billy make the billing mechanism efficient?
Does Billy create emails and PDFs automatically?
Are there any additional charges with Billy beyond standard Stripe fees?
Is a credit card required for the free trial of Billy?

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