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Extract diverse document data, streamline workflows
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Bitskout helps teams minimize time wasted on useless tasks by building AI agents that run such tasks. Our first agent, Sonny9, helps CPAs, accounting firms and tax preparers minimize time chasing information from their clients.

By putting Sonny9's email into CC/BCC of an email request, a portal with a checklist is automatically created for the client to submit their documents like bank statements, forms, etc. Sonny9 validates the documents in real-time and proactively asks additional clarification questions based on the content of such documents.

CPAs and teams can also provide a short free-form description of their clients (real estate, 5 properties, etc.) and Sonny9 will tailor its questions to the client description.

This way frustrating back-and-forth communications spanning over weeks becomes a delightful few minutes experience for clients and teams.

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Pros and Cons


Data extraction from emails
Integration with Asana
Integration with Zapier
Integration with Power Automate
40+ ready-made templates
Searchable plugins
Instant answers feature
Permissions customization
User Guidance Tour
Custom plugin creation
Automates data entry
24/7 availability
Coding-free usage
Streamline workflows
Increase productivity
Save time
Start in seconds
Plugins for various documents
Templates for different use cases
Improve operational accuracy
Free trial available
No credit card required
No technicalities for using plugins
Boost user happiness
Email data extraction
Stress-free usage
Customer Support
Available for different fields
Easy to use
Plug into existing tools
Extract data from invoices
Works with business cards
Works with bills
Question-asking feature
Increase process efficiency
Supports various business operations
Helps reduce disengagement at work
Can be used for custom documents
Offloads repetitive tasks


Limited integration platforms
No API mentioned
Limited pre-made templates
No multi-language support
No offline functionality
Coding-free usage only
Lacks detailed user guide
No advanced customization options
No chatbot for immediate help
Limited data extraction types


What is Bitskout?
How does Bitskout extract data from documents?
What kind of documents does Bitskout support?
Can Bitskout integrate with other platforms like Asana, Zapier, and Power Automate?
What is the purpose of Bitskout's ready-made templates?
What types of data can Bitskout extract from emails?
How can I use the extracted data in my workflows?
How does Bitskout enhance productivity and accuracy?
What are Bitskout agents?
Can I create custom plugins in Bitskout?
How does Bitskout reduce manual efforts in data extraction?
Is Bitskout available around the clock?
Is it necessary to have coding knowledge to use Bitskout?
What is the purpose of Bitskout's short tour?
Can Bitskout extract data from business cards?
Can I use Bitskout for extracting data from invoices?
How can I ask Bitskout to provide immediate responses to certain queries?
In what way does Bitskout help increase time savings?
What data can Bitskout extract from Bills of Lading?
Can the extracted data be used with any process via Zapier and Power Automate?

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