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Effortless data extraction with AI
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Filextract is a SaaS product designed to assist in the integration of data from varied sources with large language models. It efficiently extracts data from both structured and unstructured formats.

For unstructured data such as PDFs, Excel sheets, PowerPoints, and even emails, Filextract processes and converts documents into a JSON format understandable by larges language models.

When it comes to structured data, stored in SQL databases, Filextract can simplify data querying using plain English, thereby reducing the dependency on database admins and in-house ETL jobs.

The platform also offers a user-friendly chat interface, creating an approachable conversational experience for data querying. Their aim is to make the data extraction process less technical and less demanding, catering to non-technical employees' needs.

They also provide customizable services where potential users can schedule a demo to discuss their specific use cases and understand how Filextract can be a valuable fit for their data extraction and integration requirements.


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Filextract was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 29th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Extracts from varied sources
Works with large language models
Handles structured and unstructured data
Processes PDFs, Excel, PowerPoint, emails
Converts documents to JSON
Simplifies SQL querying
Allows plain English database requests
Reduces dependency on database admins
User-friendly chat interface
Friendly for non-technical employees
Offers customizable services
Scheduling a demo option
Works with images
Removes need for in-house ETL
End-to-end data integration
Out of the box solution
Unlocks data from multiple formats
Replaces complex user interfaces


Limited to English queries
Dependent on internet connectivity
No offline version
Missing advanced query capabilities
No multi-language support
No API mentioned
May overlook sensitive data
No clear data security measures
No compatibility with non-SQL databases
Interface may limit complex interactions


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