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Transforming documents into actionable data.
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iKapture is an AI-based solution that specializes in document processing and automation. Its primary function is to streamline and enhance data management procedures by converting documents into actionable data.

This tool leverages technologies such as optical character recognition, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to extract valuable data from various documents, augmenting speed, accuracy, and security.

iKapture is designed to solve the long-standing issues of manual data extraction and processing. It provides a versatile solution, allowing data extraction from any document format and presenting the data in a ready-to-use state.

The user interface is simple and convenient, eliminating the need for extensive coding or template maintenance. In addition to providing powerful transactional solutions, iKapture is also a tool for collaboration.

It facilitates interaction and data sharing amongst multiple vendors, thus increasing organizational efficiency. To this effect, iKapture has established its expertise in various sectors.

These include but are not limited to accounts payable automation, healthcare data digitization, expense management, and insurance documentation digitization.

As a cloud-based solution, it offers a highly secure and scalable API for rapid parallel processing. iKapture places heavy emphasis on data security and provides greater control over digital documents.

The tool also guides organizations in managing data storage efficiently and enhancing data accessibility, thereby contributing to an elevated return on investment.


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Pros and Cons


Document processing and automation
Data extraction from any format
No need for coding
No template maintenance
Collaboration tool
Secure and scalable API
Rapid parallel processing
Secure data control
Efficient data storage management
Enhanced data accessibility
Accounts payable automation
Healthcare data digitization
Expense management automation
Insurance documentation digitization
User-friendly interface
High accuracy data extraction
Streamlines data management procedures
Multi-vendor collaboration
Transaction solutions
Scalable cloud-based API
API for rapid parallel processing
Control over digital documents
Increased ROI
Speedy data extraction
Accurate data extraction
Optimized for various sectors
Enhanced Organizational efficiency
Secure cloud-based solution
API for parallel processing
Increased process efficiency
Improved data storage
Easy vendor collaboration
Template free invoice data extraction
Automatic record creation and approval
Automates payables processes
Digitizes medical and clinical records
Organizes receipts and expenses
Automated reports generation
Eliminates repetitive data entry
Error-free data output
Policy forms digitization
Claims documentation digitization


No offline functionality
Limited sector expertise
Cloud-based API dependency
No coding or template maintenance might limit customization
Potential collaboration complexities
Limited user interface customization
Potential data overload
Limited language support
Dependence on document format
No explicit privacy policy


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