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BySerkan Dayıcık
Extracting table data from documents into various formats.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Upload your document, and I'll extract table data in your preferred format.
Sample prompts:
Convert this table image to a CSV file.
Show the JSON conversion of this table from the image.
Extract this image table into a text file.
Turn this table from the image into an HTML file.
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ExtractTableGPT is a Generative Pretrained Transformer (GPT) application that specializes in extracting table data from various types of documents and converting it into multiple formats.

The tool is adept at tackling varying formats of source documents, including images, and extracting out the tabulated data contained within them. The usage of ExtractTableGPT is not limited to only professional data scientists or programmers, but it extends to anyone who needs assistance in data manipulation.

Upon uploading your document, multiple formats can be produced including Comma-Separated Values (CSV), JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), plain text files, and Hypertext Markup Language (HTML).

For instance, a user might upload an image containing a table and request its conversion into a CSV file. Likewise, the same table could be transposed into a text file, or represented as HTML.Despite its robust functionalities, ExtractTableGPT maintains a user-friendly interface.

It provides newcomers with prompt starters to guide the user into various conversion tasks such as 'Extract this image table into a text file' or 'Turn this table from the image into an HTML file'.

It's important to note that the usage of ExtractTableGPT requires ChatGPT Plus. Overall, ExtractTableGPT is a practical tool for the efficient extraction and conversion of table data from diverse document formats, contributing to easier data interpretation and manipulation.


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