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Extract data from emails & documents efficiently.
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Airparser is a GPT-powered email and document parser tool that revolutionizes data extraction. With this tool, users can easily extract structured data from various sources such as emails, PDFs, documents, and more.

The parsed data can be exported in real time to any desired application. The key features of Airparser include GPT-powered Swift data extraction for efficient results, an OCR engine that seamlessly extracts data from scanned documents, images, and handwritten notes, as well as the ability to parse texts, emails, PDFs, images, HTML, and more effortlessly.

The data extraction process consists of three simple steps: import, extract, and export. Users can import emails and attachments, upload files manually, or use the API for automation.

For extraction, users describe the data to be extracted, and the GPT-powered parser handles the rest. Finally, the parsed data can be exported through webhooks to create custom integrations or downloaded in Excel, CSV, or JSON formats.

Airparser supports various use cases, including extracting contact information, dates, and key details from human-written emails and texts, digitizing handwritten notes and transforming them into organized data, efficiently capturing details from invoices, receipts, and purchase orders, gathering essential information from CVs and resumes, automatically extracting data from contracts for simplified management, and streamlining order processing by extracting relevant details from confirmation documents.

In summary, Airparser offers a user-friendly and efficient solution for automating data extraction from emails and documents, with versatile integration capabilities and support for various use cases.


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Aug 28, 2023
Very unique document parser. Works extremely well even on complex PDF tables and emails

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Pros and Cons


Extracts from emails and documents
Real-time data export
GPT-powered swift extraction
OCR engine
Handles texts, emails, PDFs, HTML
Extracts from images
Three-step process: import, extract, export
API for automation
Extracts data from handwritten notes
Supports export through webhooks
Downloadable data in Excel, CSV, JSON
Useful for extracting contact information
Great for digitizing handwritten notes
Efficient in capturing invoice details
Helpful in extracting CV/resume information
Facility to extract data from contracts
Streamlines order processing
Versatile integration capabilities
Supported with automation platforms like Zapier
Manually upload files
Automatically parses documents
Secure data storage
Over 6000 devices/apps integration
Extracts critical data from contracts
Setup in just 2 minutes


No natural language processing
Limited offline use
No built-in collaborative features
Limited data export formats
No multiple language support
No invoice or receipt discrimination
No free tier available
No detailed progress monitoring
No voice data extraction
No ROI tracking features


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