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AI-powered knowledge base for critical business documents.
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TextMine is an End-to-End (E2E) AI-powered tool primarily designed to analyze and organize business critical documents such as invoices, payslips, tender documents, compliance reports and contracts.

TextMine aids in consolidating all these documents into a single operational layer that enhances proactive decision making and increases data transparency.

It makes document creation more scalable and uniform, thereby reducing organizational risks and increasing compliance efficiency. The tool contributes to business efficiency by scanning through the sea of unstructured textual data, automatically retrieving key terms and delivering insightful conclusions that help in making informed decisions.

TextMine consists of three main products which are: Vault, Scribe, and Legislate. Vault enables the transformation of document databases into structured datasets to facilitate seamless tracking and smoother querying.

Scribe is a versatile text editor mostly used for crafting smart documents from scratch while retaining the structure that enables post-creation searchability and tracking.

Finally, Legislate is a decision-making platform that maximises the use of text and document-based data for businesses.


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TextMine was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 23rd 2024.

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Pros and Cons


Analyzes business critical documents
Organizes documents into operational layer
Enhances proactive decision making
Increases data transparency
Scalable document creation
Reduces organizational risks
Improves compliance efficiency
Retrieves key terms automatically
Delivers insightful conclusions
Transforms document databases to datasets
Enables seamless tracking
Facilitates smoother querying
Creates smart documents
Preserves post-creation searchability
Maximises document-based data utilization
Consolidates documents
Categorizes documents automatically
Saves time and money
Extracts implicit and explicit insights
Unveils potential document contradictions
Ensures safe document storage
Interactive form design capability
Crafts documents and templates
Provides granular post-creation tracking
Identifies documents from extracted data
Understands individual and aggregate document impact
Ensures compliance of regulated documents
Understands underlying risk of documents
Streamlines decision making
Tracks documents in real-time
Extracts data from documents
Supports mobile access
ISO27001 certified


No API for integration
No offline functionality
Limited document types support
No multi-language support
Unclear pricing structure
No collaborative features
No predefined templates
No version control
Mobile access via browser only
Depends heavily on document quality


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