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Extract data from any unstructured document.
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Extracta.ai is a comprehensive AI tool designed to perform data extraction from unstructured documents with ease. This versatile platform can handle a variety of document types including invoices, resumes, contracts, receipts, and custom documents according to user-specific requirements.

It automates the process by pinpointing and retrieving the required data elements from uploaded files and transforming them into structured data swiftly.

As an invoice data extractor, it focuses on important details like dates, amounts, and vendor information, simplifying financial data extraction and reducing manual data entry errors.

The tool provides valuable aid in HR as it analyzes resumes for key skills and qualifications, ensuring seamless integration with existing HR systems.

For contracts, essential details, such as involved parties, dates, and terms are swiftly and accurately extracted to enhance legal document handling efficiency.

The tools receipt extraction feature helps streamline the extraction of expense data from different format receipts for expense management and reconciliation.

Beyond these specific document classes, Extracta.ai allows customizable extraction features for unique documents with specialized forms or unconventional layouts, making it a flexible and powerful platform for diverse data extraction needs.


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Extracta was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 20th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Handles variety of documents
Automated data extraction
Reduces data entry errors
Integration with HR systems
Fast and accurate extraction
Can handle custom documents
Invoices API
Resumes API
Contracts API
Receipts API
No training required
Supports scanned files
High security standards
Fully customizable templates
Swift field definition
Excellent encryption
Provides structured data
Files upload ease
Compliant with GDPR
Supports digital documents
Specific extraction criteria
Ease of use


Lacks OCR capabilities
No SDKs available
Limited file types support
No offline capabilities
No multi-language support
No training required (potential limited flexibility)
Security protocols not detailed
No free trial mentioned
Customization might be complex
May fail on unconventional layouts


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