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Simplified unstructured data workflows for enterprises.
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Extend is an AI-powered tool designed for modern enterprises to streamline their workflows involving unstructured data. It offers intelligent data extraction and automation capabilities for processing various types of unstructured data, including documents, emails, images, and more.

Users can leverage powerful tools for data extraction, classification, analysis, and question-and-answer functionalities to solve complex business problems.With Extend, businesses can build end-to-end solutions by combining AI tools with business logic, integrations, and validations.

Custom workflows can be created to mirror internal operations, allowing them to run on autopilot without the need for engineering resources. The tool also features built-in confidence scoring and human-in-the-loop flows, ensuring accurate deployment into production.Extend supports a wide range of data types, including PDFs, CSVs, XLSX files, images, and even messy handwritten notes.

It offers enterprise-ready features, such as on-prem deployment within users' own cloud environment, compliance with SOC2 policies, and robust data protection measures.

Data is always secure, encrypted, and never utilized for training purposes. Additionally, Extend integrates with Azure OpenAI instances for enhanced data protection.The tool provides essential security features, including audit logs, granular permissions, and custom data retention policies.

This ensures compliance and security throughout the workflow processes.Extend is a comprehensive solution for intelligent data extraction and automation, empowering modern enterprises to optimize their operations and achieve more efficient outcomes.


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Pros and Cons


Intelligent data extraction
Processes various unstructured data
Data extraction, classification, analysis
Question-and-Answer functionalities
Builds end-to-end solutions
Custom autopilot workflows
Requires no engineering resources
Built-in confidence scoring
Human-in-the-loop flows
Supports PDFs, CSVs, XLSX files
Supports images, handwritten notes
On-prem deployment
SOC2 policies compliance
Robust data protection measures
Data encryption
Doesn't use data for training
Audit logs
Granular permissions
Custom data retention policies


No support for plain text
No API mentioned
No mobile application
Complex for non-tech users
Not compatible with all cloud providers
Unclear third-party application integrations
No multi-language support mentioned
Lack of training on tool
Specific on-prem deployment


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