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Platform for communication and data management.
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Diplop is an all-in-one communication platform powered by AI that offers various features to enhance communication and data management. The platform allows users to centralize all their communication channels, including local recording, phone communication, and video communication, directly from their browser.

It also provides seamless speech-to-text transcription using advanced AI models, enabling users to accurately transcribe conversations.A key feature of Diplop is the custom data extraction capability, which allows users to define prompts for extracting specific data points required for completing forms.

This feature can be customized according to professional requirements or users can take advantage of available prompts.Diplop offers a detachable control window feature exclusively for Chrome users, which allows keeping the control window in the foreground even when switching tabs or using another software.In addition, Diplop provides access to the Diplop Store, where users can explore and purchase official omnidirectional microphones to enhance recording quality.

There is also a Diplop API available for easy integration into other applications.Diplop offers different plans to meet users' specific needs. The Basic plan is suitable for individuals and small businesses, providing local audio transcription and transcript modification with custom prompts.

The Premium plan offers additional features such as unlimited phone calls, video calls, and real-time transcription for enhanced communication.With its range of features and customizable options, Diplop aims to assist users in harnessing the power of accurate transcriptions and improving their workflow.


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