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Harvests data from websites into specific formats.
GPT welcome message: Hello! I can scrape data and save it as Excel or CSV for you.
Sample prompts:
Extract the details from this product page.
Format the extracted data in JSON.
What information can you scrape from this page?
Export the scraped data to excel.
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Site Harvester is a GPT designed to extract or scrape data from websites and convert it into different specific file formats. This GPT interacts with ChatGPT and is suitable for users who require data to be gathered from various sites and arranged in structured formats such as Excel or CSV, or in formats that serve specific data handling needs, such as JSON.The GPT can be initiated by various prompt starters such as requesting details from a particular web product page, structuring the retrieved data in JSON format or asking what kind of data can be extracted from a particular page or setting.

Another feature includes the capability to export the scraped information in an Excel, further expanding its usefulness in managing large data sets. While Site Harvester is designed to automate the task of data gathering and can be used for light data mining purposes, it should be used in compliance with website terms and conditions and other relevant legal and ethical guidelines regarding data scraping.

With it, users can streamline the process of data collection, save time and allocate resources effectively. It's crucial for those involved in market research, academic research, data analysis, and other industries dependent on the collection of large amounts of data.

To use Site Harvester, a sign-up and ChatGPT Plus are required. Users can interact with this GPT on the platform proposed by Nonetheless, specific details regarding the sign-up process, usage fees, or terms of service should be referred to this provider directly.


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