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Extracts data from PDFs for businesses.
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GPTOCR is an AI-based tool that focuses on making data extraction from PDF documents effortless and streamlined. The tool eliminates the tedious and time-consuming task of manual data entry and formatting and instead transforms documents into structured JSON files that are ready to use with just a few clicks.

GPTOCR aims to help businesses save time and money while reducing the risk of human error that comes with manual data entry. GPTOCR provides accurate and consistent data every time, ensuring that teams can focus on higher-value tasks and projects.

With its automated document processing feature, GPTOCR enhances efficiency, enabling businesses to use their resources effectively while promoting collaboration.

Structured data is generated in a standardized format that enables teams to work more efficiently and effectively together. Interested users can get in touch with the GPTOCR team by entering their email address.

GPTOCR is committed to ensuring the confidentiality and security of user data, with clearly stated terms of service and a privacy policy.


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GPTOCR was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 10th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Extracts data from PDFs
Automates data entry
Transforms documents into JSON
Saves time and resources
Reduces humans errors
Promotes team collaboration
Standardized data format
Enhances efficiency
Accurate and consistent data
Good documentation
Effortless operation
Fast data conversion
Eliminates tedious tasks
Security of user data
Clear terms of service
Streamlines workflows
Privacy policy
Contact service
Focused on business needs
Efficient data analysis


Not user-friendly interface
Limited customization options
Only for PDF documents
Lacks version control
No mobile application
No multi-language support
Slow processing speed
No file management
Lacks data validation
No OCR correction tool


What exactly is GPTOCR?
How does GPTOCR extract data from PDFs?
What kind of data can GPTOCR extract?
How does GPTOCR transform documents into structured JSON files?
What are the benefits of using GPTOCR for businesses?
How does GPTOCR reduce human error in data entry?
In which ways can GPTOCR enhance team collaboration?
How does GPTOCR improve efficiency?
What is the process to get in touch with the GPTOCR team?
How does GPTOCR ensure the confidentiality and security of user data?
Is GPTOCR a paid tool or does it have a free version?
How time-consuming is the process of data extraction using GPTOCR?
How accurate is the data extracted by GPTOCR?
What are the terms of service of GPTOCR?
What is the privacy policy of GPTOCR?
Does GPTOCR require any special skills to operate?
Can GPTOCR handle bulk PDF files for data extraction?
What format are the output files from GPTOCR?
Can GPTOCR work with encrypted or password protected PDFs?
Does GPTOCR save or store the data it extracts?


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