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Transform your receipt management with streamlined data extraction.
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Receipt OCR API is an advanced OCR tool specializing in extracting data from receipt and invoice images. This sophisticated tool can provide vital pieces of information like total amounts, dates of transactions, tax data, and merchant details, converting them into structured, actionable results.

This tool is particularly suitable for various software systems that require receipt management and data processing. The use of cutting-edge Optical Character Recognition technology facilitates efficient and accurate digitization of receipts and invoices, offering seamless integration and optimized data management.

The Receipt OCR API is also distinguished by its capability to handle region specific data - the tool is designed to process receipts and invoices in various languages, formats, and even manage diverse sales tax types across multiple countries.

It also offers high accuracy data extraction, ensuring efficacy and precision in financial operations. This advanced OCR tool, therefore, serves as a comprehensive solution for digital receipt and invoice management and data extraction.


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ReceiptUp was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 18th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


High Accuracy
Handles multilingual data
Advantageous for receipt management
Advanced data extraction
Handles region-specific data
Manages sales tax types
Facilitates financial operations
Converts data into actionable results
Optimized data management
Works with multiple formats
Seamless integration
Inventory item identification
Cloudflare for high performance
Download data to accounting files
Support for over 50 languages
Multiple date recognition
Diverse sales tax handling
Merchant details extraction
Supports most image formats
Handles PDFs
Free trial offered


No offline processing
Limited PDF support
No automated updates
Does not support handwritten receipts
Extraction errors under low-light conditions
Lack of font flexibility
No mobile app
No free version available
Limited language support
No batch processing capabilities


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What kind of software systems would benefit from using ReceiptUp OCR API?
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What image formats does ReceiptUp OCR API support?
Is the ReceiptUp OCR API affordable?
Does ReceiptUp OCR API allow data downloads to accounting file types?
What steps are involved in using ReceiptUp OCR API?
How does receipt management improve with ReceiptUp OCR API?
What is the role of AI in ReceiptUp OCR API?

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