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Geospatial data extraction for decision-making.
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Happyrobot is an AI tool designed to extract quantitative data from geospatial imagery using natural language queries. It enables users to transform geospatial imagery, including satellite, drone, and aerial imagery, into structured data for decision-making purposes.

The tool offers the option to upload custom images or use images sourced from partners. Using one example, users can find all objects of interest within the entire dataset and describe them using natural language.

Happyrobot provides various export options, including email, PDF, ArcGis, and API, allowing users to conveniently access and utilize the extracted data.

The tool is trusted by leading data teams and has a strong customer base. Additionally, Happyrobot offers partnerships that enable data owners to monetize their assets by building AI models and establishing trust to generate recurring revenue streams.Overall, Happyrobot serves as an AI copilot, utilizing advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to autonomously analyze geospatial imagery and extract valuable data.

By enabling users to interact with the tool through natural language, it facilitates seamless query-based exploration of the world. Whether it is for urban planning, environmental monitoring, or any other geospatial application, Happyrobot provides a reliable and efficient solution for transforming geospatial imagery into structured data.


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Dec 3, 2023
No working links.
Dec 3, 2023
Links provided do not lead to any such geospatial AI - they only lead to the HappyRobot website that is a telephone app.

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Pros and Cons


Geospatial data extraction
Extracts from various imagery
Handles satellite, drone, aerial images
Custom image upload option
Use partner-sourced images
Object recognition in datasets
Natural language queries
Multiple data export options
Trusted by leading data teams
Data owner partnership opportunities
Revenue generation for data owners
Query-based exploration
Applications in various sectors
Transforms imagery to structured data
Data suitable for decision-making
Seamless user interaction


Limited image sourcing options
No mobile app
Natural language query limitations
Lack of image editing features
Dependent on sample for analysis
Non-customizable export formats
Not all objects are detectable
Possibility of data monetization bias


What is HappyRobot?
What kind of data does HappyRobot extract?
How does HappyRobot extract data from geospatial imagery?
Can I upload my own images to HappyRobot?
Can I describe objects of interest using natural language with HappyRobot?
What are the export options provided by HappyRobot?
Who typically uses HappyRobot and for what purposes?
How does HappyRobot use natural language queries?
What are the benefits of using HappyRobot for geospatial applications?
How can data owners monetize their assets with HappyRobot partnership?
Is HappyRobot useful for urban planning and environmental monitoring?
How reliable and efficient is HappyRobot in data extraction from imagery?
Who are some of HappyRobot's trusted partners?
What kind of images can HappyRobot process?
How does HappyRobot enable exploration of the world through queries?
In what formats can I receive my extracted data from HappyRobot?
Can I utilize HappyRobot for decision-making purposes?
How does HappyRobot handle data privacy and security?
How can I get in contact with HappyRobot?
What is the meaning of 'AI copilot' in the context of HappyRobot?

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