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Extract text from Images, PDFs, and Documents with one click.
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The Free Online OCR Converter is an artificial intelligence-based tool used to convert images and PDFs into editable text. It has the capability to extract text from a variety of sources, including scanned documents, low-resolution photos and even complex mathematical expressions.

The tool's objectivity is achieved through its core recognition program, which utilizes advanced OCR technology and is powered by two of the leading machine-learning libraries: TensorFlow and Scikit-learn.

This allows for fine-grained data extraction from images and documents at a microscopic level. The user interface is simple and caters to a smooth user experience allowing users to simply drag and drop or upload their files for conversion.

The resulting text can be then copied or downloaded as a 'docx' or '.txt' file. Despite the advanced functionality, the tool is completely free to use and assures maximum accuracy in converting images or documents into text, supporting multiple languages.


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OCR Best was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 28th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Converts images and PDFs
Editable text output
Handles complex mathematical expressions
Powered by TensorFlow and Scikit-learn
Fine-grained data extraction
User-friendly drag and drop interface
Output downloadable as .docx or .txt
Free to use
High accuracy
Supports multiple languages
Extracts text from low-resolution images
Extracts text from scanned documents
Secure data handling
No registration or sign up required
Can handle bulk images
Retains format of the original document
Supports multiple picture formats
Can convert handwritten text
Works with a variety of languages
Handles poorly written text
Automates data extraction
One-click operation
No daily usage limit


No offline availability
Limited output formats
Potentially slow on complex inputs
No API mentioned
No batch processing
Dependent on internet speed
No mobile app mentioned
No support for non-Latin Scripts
Security not fully detailed
Reliant on third-party libraries


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