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Automated splitting of bills and expenses with friends.
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SplitMyExpenses is an AI-powered tool that simplifies the process of splitting bills and expenses with friends. With this tool, users can import their expenses and easily split bills between friends, allowing them to charge directly on platforms like Venmo and CashApp.

One of the key features of SplitMyExpenses is its ability to automatically scan and itemize receipts, thanks to its AI capabilities. Users can simply upload a photo of their receipt and the tool will automatically categorize the items, calculate the tax and tip, saving them time and effort.Additionally, SplitMyExpenses allows users to link their credit cards and bank accounts, enabling the automatic import of expenses on a daily basis.

This integration is securely handled by Stripe, ensuring the safety of users' financial information. Users can also import expenses from a file generated from financial institutions, personal finance tools, or any other platform where they manage their finances.The tool offers various features to streamline the splitting workflow, such as a charge history that shows who was charged, the amount, and expense date ranges.

Users can easily pick up where they left off last time. It also provides a charge review feature, allowing users to share a link with friends for adjustments and feedback, increasing transparency and facilitating faster payments.

Additionally, SplitMyExpenses offers elegant charts to help users track their effective spending over time, comparing what they've paid to their friends.SplitMyExpenses offers a free plan with powerful tools and features, including the creation of up to 10 friends and the import of expenses up to 1 month old.

There are also other pricing plans available for users with different needs, all offering transparent pricing without hidden fees and the flexibility to cancel at any time.

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Dec 12, 2023
There was an error when making a group. it kept telling to send an email to support

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Pros and Cons


Automated splitting of bills
Direct charging on Venmo, CashApp
Automatic receipt scanning and itemization
Integration with credit cards and bank accounts
Secure handling of financial data
Expense import from various sources
Detailed charge history
Charge review feature increasing transparency
Effective spending tracking charts
Offers free plan
Clear, transparent pricing
One tap payment requests
Supports and handles receipts
File import for expense data
Ability to pick up where left off
Facilitates faster payments
Elegant, modern UI
Option to link financial accounts
No bloat
Robust splits


Limited to 10 friends in free plan
Automatic import limited to 1-month old expenses
Charges for increased limits
Limited integrations with payment platforms
Limited priority support in cheaper plans
Receipt scanning might not be accurate
Extra cent splitting algorithm might be confusing
Linking financial accounts limited to highest plan
Bank account linking handled by third-party


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How can I import expenses to SplitMyExpenses?
What does the charge history feature in SplitMyExpenses show?
What is the charge review feature on SplitMyExpenses?
How can SplitMyExpenses help me track my spending?
What does the free plan of SplitMyExpenses offer?
Are there any hidden fees in SplitMyExpenses' pricing plans?
Can I cancel my SplitMyExpenses subscription at any time?
Can I pay through Zelle or PayPal using SplitMyExpenses?
How can I use the charge review share link in SplitMyExpenses?
What is the limit for importing expenses in the free plan of SplitMyExpenses?
How different is the Starter plan from the Unlimited plan in SplitMyExpenses?
What are the customer support options with the Unlimited plan of SplitMyExpenses?
Can I delete my data and account from SplitMyExpenses?
What algorithms does SplitMyExpenses use for equal bill splits?

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