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Music mixing & audio separation for production.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-based tool that allows users to split songs into vocals and instruments. With this tool, users can easily isolate individual tracks such as drums, vocals, bass, guitar, piano, and "other" from their songs.

Additionally, users can adjust the volume and panning of each track using the mixer feature. The tool also offers the ability to change the tempo and pitch of the song.

Once the desired mix is achieved, users can download their customized mix.The AI-powered audio separation process employed by is computationally intensive and may vary in processing time depending on the duration of the audio file.

On average, the process takes approximately 1 to 3 minutes to complete. The tool supports various common audio formats such as mp3, ogg, flac, wav, and aiff.

However, there are some limitations regarding file uploads. Each uploaded file must be between 0.1 and 200 MB in size, and the maximum audio duration allowed is 20 minutes.

Users of the free version can only upload a maximum of two songs per day, with their songs being cropped to a random 15-second snippet before processing by the AI.The tool ensures user privacy by restricting access to songs, allowing each user to only access their own songs.

Uploaded songs and processed tracks are automatically deleted after approximately one day, so it is recommended to use the download function to save results beforehand to prevent any data loss.While there is no native mobile app available, users can install the SplitMySong Web App on their mobile devices or desktops to achieve a similar experience.

Overall, offers a convenient and user-friendly solution for audio separation and customized mixing using AI technology.


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Pros and Cons


Supports multiple audio formats
Track isolation feature
Volume and panning adjustment
Tempo and pitch control
Downloadable customized mix
Processing time 1-3 minutes
User privacy protection
Automatic track deletion
Web App for mobility
PC/Mac recommended for larger files
Patreon credits for full-length songs
Export mix in high quality
Credits deducted after confirmation
Unused credits expire monthly
Patreon membership upgrade available
Direct support via Patreon


No native mobile app
Free version limitations
File size and duration restrictions
Processing time varies
Songs deleted after one day
Limited upload quantity
Song cropping for free version
Requires Patreon for full access
Dependence on powerful hardware
Credit system for song splitting


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