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Extract audio for music editing and remixing.
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SongDonkey is an AI-powered online audio splitting tool that allows users to separate vocals, drums, bass, piano, and other instruments from any song. With its high-quality vocal removal feature, users can easily extract vocals and instruments with just a few clicks.

The tool supports both MP3 and WAV file formats for input and allows users to upload their audio files directly or drag and drop them onto the platform.SongDonkey offers various options for extracting tracks, including vocals only, accompaniment only, vocals and accompaniment, or multiple stems such as vocals, bass, drums, other instruments, and piano.

The tool provides an estimated time for processing the audio, ensuring a fast and efficient experience for users.Unlike some other services, SongDonkey does not require users to sign up or create an account.

The tool also offers affordable pricing, starting at just $0.34 per song. The output files can be downloaded in MP3 or WAV format, and there is also an option to download all the extracted tracks at once.In case of any errors, the tool provides helpful troubleshooting suggestions such as ensuring the song is within the maximum time limit, using compatible file formats, selecting a lower number of stems, or trying a different output format.

Customer support is available to assist with any persisting issues.


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Jan 6, 2024
I would not sign into Songdonkey as it was forcing me to allow notifications to do so.

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Pros and Cons


High-quality vocal removal
Supports MP3 and WAV
Fast and efficient processing
No signup required
Affordable pricing
Direct file upload
Multiple extraction options
Download all tracks simultaneously
Download in MP3 or WAV
Helpful troubleshooting
Customer support available
Option for vocals only extraction
Extract accompaniment only feature
Multiple stems extraction
File drag and drop functionality
Multiple languages supported
Secure checkout process


Limited to MP3, WAV formats
Payment per song
Error issues
Max 10 minutes per song
Restricted to 2, 4, or 5 stems
Requires reattempts for server readiness
Requires specific output format choice


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How does SongDonkey's vocal removal feature work?
What are the ways to upload audio files in SongDonkey?
Can we choose the number of stems to be extracted in SongDonkey?
What is the estimated time for processing the audio?
How much does it cost to use SongDonkey?
What is the maximum time limit for the song in SongDonkey?
Can I download my output files in MP3 or WAV format?
Does SongDonkey offer customer support?
What should I do if I encounter any error during the process?
Can I download all the extracted tracks at once?
What does the 'Extract vocals and instruments with artificial intelligence' mean?
Is there an option to select the output format in SongDonkey?
What are the possibilities when it comes to splitting audio using SongDonkey?
Can SongDonkey really separate vocals, drums and other instruments from any song with just a few clicks?


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