Music splitting 2023-07-15
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Isolate music tracks for production and remixing.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered tool that allows users to split their songs into instrument tracks. Created by @markdoppler_, this tool offers a simple and convenient way to separate different elements of a song using artificial intelligence algorithms.

Users can sign in or login to start using SplitSong.The tool supports song uploads from the user's device or directly from YouTube. For example, users can upload a complete song, such as Michael Jackson's "Thriller," which contains all tracks combined.SplitSong then provides the option to download individual instrument tracks.

It offers downloads for drums and percussions, instrumental tracks (including keyboards, guitars, and other instruments), bass lines, and voices (including choirs).

Each track is provided in MPEG format and can be accessed through dedicated download links.This tool eliminates the need for manual audio editing or multitrack software by utilizing AI algorithms to automatically separate different instruments or vocal tracks from a song.

It caters to musicians, music producers, and enthusiasts who may want to isolate specific parts of a song for remixing, practicing, or other creative purposes.With its user-friendly interface and reliable AI technology, provides users with a convenient and efficient way to split songs and extract instrument tracks without any technical expertise required.


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Oct 29, 2023
Get one free song after signing up, after that its 1 credit for each song. There are package deals for 10/30/100/300 credits starting with $12 for 10.
Aug 1, 2023
Credits are paid.

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Pros and Cons


Isolates music tracks
Simple user interface
Option to sign in
Supports YouTube uploads
Supports device uploads
Automates audio editing
Download individual instruments
Drums isolation
Instrumental tracks isolation
Bass lines isolation
Voices isolation
MPEG format support
Dedicated download links
No technical expertise required
Ideal for music production
Useful for remixing
Helpful for musicians
Beneficial for music enthusiasts
No manual audio editing
Separates vocal tracks
Separates instrumental tracks
Automatic track separation
Created by @markdoppler_
Good for practicing music
Removal of multitrack software


Supports only MPEG format
No batch processing
No preview before download
Login required
No integration with cloud storage
Lack of advanced editing features
No option for quality adjustment
No support for song snippets
No direct share functionality
Doesn't separate choirs from voices


What is SplitSong?
What kind of algorithms does SplitSong use?
How to start using SplitSong?
Does SplitSong allow song uploads from my device?
Can I upload songs directly from YouTube to SplitSong?
What can I download from SplitSong?
What format are the SplitSong tracks in?
Can SplitSong separate vocal tracks from a song?
How does SplitSong cater to music producers?
What technical expertise do I need to use SplitSong?
How reliable is the AI technology of SplitSong?
How friendly is the user interface of SplitSong?
How does SplitSong eliminate the need for manual audio editing?
Can I use SplitSong for remixing purposes?
Can I separate different elements of a song using SplitSong?
What kind of instruments can SplitSong track separate?
Does SplitSong provide download links for the separated tracks?
What is the quality of the tracks separated by SplitSong?
Can I isolate specific parts of a song using SplitSong?
Who is the creator of SplitSong?


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