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Audio track separation for music remixing.
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Melody ML is an AI tool that utilizes machine learning to easily separate audio tracks. With this tool, users can automatically isolate vocals and generate stems to remix songs.

It offers a convenient platform for users to create an account and access various features. Melody ML allows users to separate music tracks using machine learning, such as vocals, drums, bass, and other instruments.

The tool provides information about the models it uses, including Demucs Extra and a custom version of VR, which are designed to preserve audio quality, especially higher frequencies.

It also mentions that the standard model is built with Deezer's Spleeter. Users can upload songs in MP3, WAV, FLAC, and OGG/VORBIS formats, as long as the file size does not exceed 100MB.

It clarifies that uploading a song that is too long or in the wrong format may result in an error. Melody ML offers two free songs initially, and after that, each song costs $0.50.

Users can add credits to their account to upload more songs, with different package options available for checkout. Payment can be made through Visa/Debit Card or PayPal.

The tool maintains user privacy by not using third-party tracking/analytics and clearly states that it does not own, share, or take authorship of uploaded songs.

It does use cookies but does not share the user's email or send spam. Users are responsible for the copyright and legal aspects of their uploads, and processed files are available to download for one month.

Melody ML is created by ZonkoSoft.


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Dec 11, 2023
Can I simply say what a comfort to discover a person that really understands what they are talking about over the internet. You certainly realize how to bring a problem to light and make it important. A lot more people ought to look at this and understand this side of your story. I was surprised you aren't more popular since you surely have the gift.

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Pros and Cons


Music track separation
Creates remix stems
Vocals isolation
User account creation
Multiple machine learning models
Preserves audio quality
Supports MP3, WAV, FLAC and OGG formats
100MB file size limit
Clear error notification
Affordable song processing
Multiple payment methods
No third-party tracking/analytics
Maintains music authorship rights
Uploaded files kept for a month
Users accountable for copyright
Supports Demucs Extra model
Supports VR custom version
Use of Deezer's Spleeter
Transparent model information
Does not send spam
Separate instrument tracks


Limited file size (100MB)
File format restrictions
Risk of upload errors
Only two free usages
Requires account creation
Song separation cost after limit
User responsible for copyright
Processed files temporary availability
Relies on external models
No indicated bulk processing


What is Melody ML?
What key features does Melody ML offer?
How does Melody ML use machine learning to separate audio tracks?
What models does Melody ML use to preserve audio quality?
What are the acceptable audio formats for Melody ML?
What's the maximum file size I can upload in Melody ML?
What happens if I upload a long song or file in the wrong format on Melody ML?
How much does Melody ML cost after the two free songs?
How can I add credits to my Melody ML account?
What payment methods does Melody ML accept?
Does Melody ML use third-party tracking or analytics?
Does Melody ML use cookies?
How does Melody ML handle user privacy and data ownership?
Does Melody ML take any authorship of the uploaded songs?
What's Melody ML's policy on sharing user email or sending spam?
Who is responsible for copyright and legal aspects of songs uploaded on Melody ML?
How long does Melody ML keep the processed files available for download?
Who is the creator of Melody ML?
What is the function of the Demucs Extra model used by Melody ML?
What's the importance of Deezer's Spleeter in Melody ML's structure?


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