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Audio separation for music production/editing.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI audio processing tool developed by a Swedish research company. It utilizes advanced machine learning software to separate and extract stems from music, such as vocals, drums, piano, bass, and other instruments.

Splitter offers both free and paid services, with the free version accessible on the Splitter Dashboard. The tool also provides a PRO version, which offers near-perfect 2 stem separation/extraction, reverb removal, and direct YouTube splitting, among other features.

Splitter aims to be a valuable addition to users' audio editing toolkit. However, it cautions users to exercise care when processing unlicensed music.

The company emphasizes that it is not liable for any damages or misuse of their technology and clarifies that users are responsible for their actions.

Splitter collaborates with music authors, artists, labels, and publishers to prevent misuse and infringement of copyrighted material.Founded by a music producer and audio engineer with experience in the music industry, including having their music featured in Hollywood films, Splitter not only develops cutting-edge audio processing technologies but also deploys various apps and services utilizing these technologies.

Their tools find applications in music production, DJing, forensics engineering, audio engineering, karaoke, law enforcement, scientific research, and more.As an AI audio processing company trusted by millions of users worldwide, is committed to improving its services and ensuring its longevity.

To support the company's fundraising campaign, users are encouraged to make donations.


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Pros and Cons


Extracts multiple instruments
Free and paid versions
Accessible on dashboard
Pro version available
2 stem separation/extraction
Reverb removal feature
Direct YouTube splitting
Protection against misuse
Applications in various fields
Developer collaboration
Advanced audio processing
Tools for music production
Uses in forensics engineering
Employed in audio engineering
Karaoke application
Law enforcement utility
Scientific research usage
User-experience focused
Ongoing service improvement
Supported on all platforms
Cloud, computer & mobile accessibility
Free service through Splitter Dashboard
Voice-overs capability
Optional higher quality features
Free trial options
Good for instrument isolation
Increases music productivity
Responsibility for user actions
Designed by industry professionals
Music featured in Hollywood films
Offering advanced audio technologies
Committed to stop copyright infringement
Supports community through donations
Comprehensive Support options
API for developers
User-friendly dashboard
Continuous service updates
Limits to prevent server overload
Track processing status


Limited advanced features for free
Frequent fundraising requests
No offline functionality
Potential copyright misuse issues
Risk of server overloading
Pro service feels necessary
Limited stem extraction capabilities


What is and what are its main features?
What is the difference between the free and Pro versions of
What type of machine learning does use for music separation?
Can I use for audio separation in unlicensed music?
What are the potential applications of in industries like music production and law enforcement?
Who developed and what is their background in the music industry?
How does collaborate with authors, artists, labels, and publishers?
What stem separation capabilities does offer?
What is the purpose of’s fundraising campaign?
What advanced features does the PRO version of offer?
Can I use for stem extraction?
Does have a tool for reverb removal?
Can I split and download music directly from YouTube using
What is's policy on copyright infringement?
Can I trial the PRO version features of
What is the 5 stem model of
Where can I find applications and services developed by
How can I support's fundraising campaign?
What precautions does take to handle copyrighted material?
Is there a time limit to prevent overloading of servers on


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