Image upscaling 2019-01-02
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Improved images through upscaling and enhancement.
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Topaz Labs is an AI-powered photo and video enhancement software that focuses on improving image quality. The software offers various features including noise reduction, sharpening, upscaling, and more.

It is designed for professionals and optimized for local workstations.Topaz Labs' Photo AI is specifically developed for photo editing, allowing users to sharpen images, remove noise, and increase photo resolution with advanced AI technology.

The software uses deep learning algorithms to improve image quality.Topaz Labs' Video AI is designed for video enhancement and offers features such as upscaling, deinterlacing, frame interpolation, and stabilization.

It is optimized for local production workflows.The software is known for its powerful AI capabilities and has received positive reviews from over 32,000 users.

It has processed over 1 billion images and has more than 1 million customers.Topaz Labs takes an AI-first approach in its development process. The AI models are trained using millions of input images to understand and define "image quality." The company also evaluates image quality using objective metrics and subjective evaluation with professional photographers and video editors.Topaz Labs prioritizes image quality and continuously aims to deliver the best results through constant innovation and improvement.

The software has received numerous updates and enhancements, with over 100 new or substantially improved AI models for image quality since 2018.Overall, Topaz Labs offers advanced AI-powered software for photo and video enhancement, focusing on improving image quality and catering to professional users.

Gigapixel AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 2nd 2022.
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User Profile PictureAnn P
· Jun 4, 2023
Worked very well on upscaling as most of them do, but this one didn't enlarge the file size too much. It went from 1.63mb to 2.01mb, a very minor amount. It is expensive, 99.99, as of this writing. But also a one time fee that I can tell.

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