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Sharpen your low-resolution pictures with the power of AI upscaling.
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SuperImage is an AI-based tool meant for image upscaling. This tool is built on a neural network, utilizing the MNN deep learning framework along with the Real-ESRGAN algorithm.

It is specially designed to enhance low-resolution pictures, restoring their detail and improving their quality significantly. The software utilizes your device's GPU power to carry out the upscaling task, thus it performs all the operations locally without requiring an internet connection or uploading the images to any internet server, keeping your data secure and private.

With a prime focus on enhancing and restoring details of your images, SuperImage functions as an efficient tool for both individual and professional use.

Conveniently, it is also being developed for Linux and macOS for Apple Silicon, increasing its usability across different platforms.


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SuperImage was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 15th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Image upscaling
Restores low-resolution images
Improves image quality
Utilizes GPU power
Local operation
No internet required
Doesn't upload images online
Ensures data privacy
Useful for individual use
Useful for professional use
Compatible with Linux
Compatible with macOS for Apple Silicon
Based on MNN Framework
Employs Real-ESRGAN Algorithm
Enhances image details
Keeps data secure
Offline functionality
Available for multiple platforms
No server interaction needed
Secured image processing
Sharpen images
Enhances and restores details


Requires device's GPU power
No internet server support
Not yet available for Linux, macOS
Can't process non-picture files
Limited to upscaling function
Potential compatibility issues with MNN framework
Inefficient on low-quality GPU
No online API
Dependent on Real-ESRGAN algorithm
No batch processing feature


What is SuperImage?
How does SuperImage upscale images?
What algorithms does SuperImage use?
How is the MNN deep learning framework applied in SuperImage?
What role does the Real-ESRGAN algorithm play in SuperImage?
Can SuperImage enhance all kinds of low-resolution pictures?
How does SuperImage ensure data privacy?
Why does SuperImage utilize my GPU for image upscaling?
Do I need an internet connection to use SuperImage?
Does SuperImage upload my images to the internet for upscaling?
Can I use SuperImage for professional use?
Is SuperImage suitable for personal use?
What operating systems is SuperImage compatible with?
Will SuperImage ever be available for Linux?
When will SuperImage be available for macOS for Apple Silicon?
How do I download SuperImage?
Where can I download SuperImage for Windows?
How does SuperImage restore the details of my images?
How is SuperImage different from other image upscaling tools?
How can AI upscaling improve my low-resolution images?


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