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Your copilot for people search.
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Gaia, the copilot of people search, is the first conversational search engine designed to help consumers connect with professionals. It allows users to search, deep dive, and take action in just seconds.

We owe the consumer a people search engine. Gaia, the tree of the souls on Earth, will bring founders and investors, recruiters and candidates, mentors and mentees, service providers and consumers, and peers in networking closer than ever with the magic of AI.

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Feb 19, 2024
Zephyra is the best at finding professionals, understand them deeply and reach out to them fast!

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SylphAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 19th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Zephyra copilot feature
Facilitates efficient people search
Connects users to organizations
Connects users to individuals
Shortens search tasks
Sustained technical support
Continual tool evolution
Frequent updates expected
Improves user experience
Enhances communication strategies
Handles technical issues
Available via Discord
Available on LinkedIn
Affiliated with Twitter
Features demo options


Waitlist ID retrieval issue
Limited search customization
Lacks advanced search filters
Dependent on constant updates
Limited API integration
Discord as only communication tool
Limited social media integration
Dependent on support team
Issues in error handling
Unclear update roadmap


What is SylphAI designed for?
How does the Zephyra copilot function in SylphAI?
What makes SylphAI's people search more efficient?
How can SylphAI assist in individual and organization searches?
How does SylphAI enhance communication?
What issue was observed with the retrieval of a waitlist ID in SylphAI?
How does SylphAI's support team assist with technical issues?
What future updates are expected in SylphAI?
How is AI technology utilized in SylphAI to foster connection?
How does Zephyra in SylphAI facilitate the search process?
What is the role of Zephyra in enhancing people search tasks?
How is SylphAI contributing to bridging communication gaps?
How can I reach out to the SylphAI support team?
What is the main aim of using Zephyra in SylphAI?
What advancements are planned for Zephyra's development in future SylphAI updates?
How will SylphAI's continual evolution impact user experience?
Can SylphAI help me to connect more efficiently with others?
How has SylphAI utilized AI to bring a new level of convenience to people searches?
How can users connect with others using SylphAI?
What makes Zephyra's search process different from other people search methods?

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