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Tome speeds up client research & deck customization for effective presentations.
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Tome is an AI-native research and presentation platform designed to increase efficiency for sales and marketing teams. The tool aims to reduce the time users spend on crafting presentation slides by expediting client research and customizing decks.

Tome's AI technology processes internal and external data to automate manual work, making it valuable for businesses that need to leverage intelligent data for their presentations.

It provides functionality to personalize decks instantly with AI, and also enables companies to analyze viewer interaction with their presentations, such as how much time is spent on each slide and where viewers are most likely to drop off.

Features of Tome also include mobile-responsive layouts for optimal viewing on any device, and a library of templates for different business use-cases.

Advanced features are available for Enterprise packages, such as AI research and personalization, custom AI output tuning, and custom data integrations.

To improve the quality of presentations, the platform supports the embedding of interactive objects like Figma files, YouTube videos, and live dashboards, and it also offers AI text and image generation for content creation.

To help businesses align with their brand identity, custom branding options are available.


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Jan 19, 2024
Would love to try Tome. I use GetIdol and love it for its visual and character interactive storytelling. Plus its NSFW!
Sep 14, 2023
Ppt on Jainism
Aug 21, 2023
Money is not important for life
Aug 12, 2023
Crea un cuento literario con protagonista
Jul 26, 2023
Let me check first ..its my first day
Jul 25, 2023
A very useful tool. makes you save time and energy and helps you be more creative
Jul 23, 2023
It's very helpful
Jul 22, 2023
i have get this apps from fb and see that it's very helpful
Jul 19, 2023
thanks a lot!
Jul 14, 2023
I didn’t use it yet.
Jul 11, 2023
Strategic plan for NBA criteria 2
Jul 10, 2023
This is great app for conceptualizing and generating innovative product design images. I did lose one image that i absolutely loved by regenerating over it. That was probably my fault. Otherwise great start.

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Pros and Cons


Generates immersive narratives
Transforms presentations
Creates outlines and presentations
Allows adding new pages
Transforms long-format content
Creates concise summaries
Ability to rewrite text
Can adjust image styles
Edits image outputs
Turns static presentations interactive
Offers multiple platform integrations
Pulls in live product mocks
Embeds 3D prototypes
Incorporates data
Pulls in web pages
Adjusts content to fit devices
Responsive design
Full-screen viewing
Shares creations across platforms
Expedite client research
Customizes decks
Intelligent internal and external data processing
Automates manual work
Viewer interaction analytics
Offers template library
Mobile-responsive layouts
Advanced features for Enterprise packages
Embedding of interactive objects
Custom branding options
Sales and marketing efficiency
Streamlines sales processes
Instant deck personalization
Viewer analytics
Diverse range of templates
Custom data integrations
Integration with company intelligence
Field analytics
Engages audience on any device
Incorporates multiple media types
Generative presentations
Interactive file embeds
Import and improve presentations
Chart and drawing features
Layout automation
Engagement analytics
Generative presentations
Custom branding


Advanced features require expensive Enterprise package
Inadequate customizability options for branding
No mention of offline accessibility
Limited integration options
No free trial for Pro or Enterprise package
No multi-language support mentioned
No clear data privacy information
No version history or backup mentioned


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Does Tome facilitate custom branding?
What type of interactive experiences can I create with Tome?
How does Tome allow me to refine my work?
Can I share my Tome presentations across different platforms?
What integrations are available with Tome?
What is the process to get started with Tome?
What platforms can Tome pull data from for my presentations?
Does Tome offer template libraries?
What can I expect from Tome's AI-native research and presentation?
How much time can I save on crafting presentation slides with Tome?
How is Tome useful for sales and marketing teams?
Can Tome turn long-format content into concise presentations?

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