Presentations 22 Mar 2022
Interactive and immersive narratives creation.

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Tome is an AI-powered storytelling tool that enables anyone to create and share immersive narratives quickly and easily. The platform combines an interactive canvas with an AI storytelling partner that can help users generate presentations, outlines, or stories with one click, complete with text and images.

Users can also transform static content, such as strategy documents, creative briefs, or websites, into a Tome or summarize important information from long-format content.

With AI features, users can iterate their work and ensure their stories are communicated in the tone and style they desire. Tome allows users to create and share content that works seamlessly across various devices.

The platform has responsive layouts that adjust to any screen size and provides a full-screen experience to offer an immersive presentation mode. Users can embed live, interactive product mocks, 3D prototypes, data, web pages, and more directly into their Tome.

The platform also allows users to track analytics to see who has viewed their tome. Tome has a variety of use cases, including for teachers, founders, executives, marketing and sales, creatives, product and design, and personal use.

The platform offers templates that can serve as a kickstart for users' stories and help them get started quickly. Tome has received positive feedback from various users, including Greylock Partner Reid Hoffman and SpaceX Founder Larry Lundstrom, who have praised the platform's flexibility, attention to detail, and production value.

Tome was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 26th 2022.
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Tamanna Jaiswal
· Sep 14, 2023
Ppt on Jainism
Sami Bahraini
· Aug 29, 2023
Principles ofinsuranve
Jayasurya R
· Aug 25, 2023
Benson boiler
Umar King
· Aug 21, 2023
Money is not important for life
Camila Contreras
· Aug 12, 2023
Crea un cuento literario con protagonista
Amjad iQbal
· Jul 26, 2023
Let me check first ..its my first day
[email protected]
· Jul 25, 2023
A very useful tool. makes you save time and energy and helps you be more creative
Kpop Army
· Jul 23, 2023
It's very helpful
Afiyat islam Akhi
· Jul 22, 2023
i have get this apps from fb and see that it's very helpful
Usman kedir
· Jul 19, 2023
thanks a lot!
Jannatul Bushra
· Jul 14, 2023
I didn’t use it yet.
Sasirekha P
· Jul 11, 2023
Strategic plan for NBA criteria 2
Jessica H
· Jul 10, 2023
This is great app for conceptualizing and generating innovative product design images. I did lose one image that i absolutely loved by regenerating over it. That was probably my fault. Otherwise great start.

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Pros and Cons


Interactive and immersive narratives
Quick and easy creation
Generates presentations, outlines, stories
Incorporates text and images
Transforms static content
Summarizes long-format content
Emphasizes desired tone and style
Responsive layouts
Full-screen experience
Embeds various content types
Tracks viewer analytics
Works across multiple devices
Provides templates
Multiple use cases
Command bar for actions
Embeds interactive mocks, prototypes
Embeds live data, webpages
Positive user feedback
High production value


Limited integration options
No offline mode
No analytics detail
Template variety not specified
No language selection
No collaboration features
Lacks version control
No security levels detailed
No autosave feature mentioned
No free version specified


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Does Tome have responsive layouts and how do they adapt to different screen sizes?
What analytics can I track using Tome?
Which fields or professions find Tome useful?
Does Tome offer any templates for creating stories?
What user feedback has Tome received?
What does the interactive canvas feature in Tome do?
How can I use Artificial Intelligence to improve my Tome narratives?
Can I use Tome to summarize long-format content?
What types of integrations does Tome offer for creating more impactful content?
Are there any specific industries or professions that use Tome?
How can I use Tome to control the tone and style of my narratives?
What is the immersive presentation mode in Tome?
Can I use Tome to create sales pitches and product design reviews?
How can I monitor who has viewed my Tome presentations?
Is Tome praised for its flexibility and production value by industry professionals?

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