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ByEinar Petersen
Expert in story analysis and continuation.
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Analyze the sentiment of this plot.
Track this character's storyline.
How do these characters relate?
Write the next part of this story.
Describe a key scene for an image.
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Narrative Navigator is a GPT that specializes in story analysis and continuation. The principle use of this tool is to aid in the development of narratives by providing expert-level analytics and predictions.

Users can engage with the Navigator to examine a storyline, understand character arcs, and even explore the relationships between characters. It also provides assistance for writing new sections of a plot, offering skills to continue a story in an insightful and compelling way.

A unique feature of this GPT is its ability to describe vividly a particular scene based on an image. This functionality makes Narrative Navigator useful not only for writers but also for people involved in related fields, like screenwriting and filmmaking, where visual depictions are critical.

Being built on top of ChatGPT, the tool requires its users to have ChatGPT Plus to access its features.


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Narrative Navigator was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 19th 2023.
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