QR codes 04 Sep 2023
QRX Codes
Creates visually appealing QR codes for digital content.

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QRX Codes is an AI-driven tool that generates artistic QR codes. These codes can be used to link physical objects to digital content or to share information in a visually appealing way.

The tool allows users to input a URL and generate a unique QR code that is designed with artistic elements generated by AI algorithms.The generated QR codes can be embedded in various media platforms such as websites, social media posts, or printed materials.

The tool offers a gallery of example QR codes showcasing different artistic designs.QRX Codes is a product developed by MakerX, a company that emphasizes a user-friendly approach to AI technology.

While the exact details of the AI algorithms used are not specified, the tool aims to provide a seamless and efficient QR code generation process, saving users time and effort.The website provides easy navigation with sign-up and login options for users to access their QR code generation history.

In addition to the website, QRX Codes has a presence on various social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Discord, allowing users to stay connected and provide feedback.Overall, QRX Codes offers an innovative solution for individuals or businesses looking for visually appealing QR codes generated by AI technology, providing a bridge between the physical and digital worlds.

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Robert Moore
· Sep 4, 2023
I was able to produce some really stunning QR codes that consistently scan on my phone and it's the easiest tool I've found that makes it simple to do this without needing to worry about the AI behind it.
Matt Davies
· Sep 4, 2023
Tried this out, super easy to use and made a couple of really nice codes

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Pros and Cons


Generates artistic QR codes
Embeds codes in multimedia
Exemplary QR code gallery
Efficient QR code creation
Website provides easy navigation
Retains generation history after login
Social media presence
Allows user feedback
Suitable for individual or business
Physical and digital link
Generates unique QR codes
User can input URL
Can generate QR for print
Presence on Discord for instant help


Limited customization
Unclear storage of history
No multi-URL support
No offline usage
No bulk generation
Exclusive to websites only
Unknown security measures
No transparency in pricing


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